Snow/Ice Day

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During our sleep Sunday evening and Monday in the wee hours, it happened.  The snow fell and the ice came.  We awoke to a dazzling array of winter’s beauty without losing our electricity.  Rob, Robert, Beans, and I stayed indoors except a couple of times.  Okay, Beans had to go outside more than a couple of times because she’s a small dog.  Robert ventured outside to leave a big, foot-tracked, “HI!” , on the front lawn.  I think some of the lower aircraft could have seen it if they hadn’t been grounded.  Rob went to the mailbox and brought me back a package from my sister.  Yes,  she made me another cap and I love it and her.  Want to see it?  Of course you do!  You like pictures.  Most of the ice/snow is gone today (picture day).

In keeping with my promise to not go to the grocery store, here’s what we consumed based on what we had available in the freezer, fridge, and pantry:

  • Breakfast:  we each fended for ourselves and I had a bowl of high fiber cinnamon swirl oatmeal.
  • Lunch: I thawed what I thought was chili only to find out it was spaghetti sauce.  So I cooked some penne pasta, bathed it in the sauce, poured it in a casserole topped it with grated cheese.  Alongside were some steamed green beans and my usual spaghetti accompaniment, sweet pickles.  I grew up with that.  Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it.
  • Snack, because Robert likes/needs them:  a Paula Deen recipe….gooey butter cake, the pumpkin version.
  • Supper:  Turkey breast (the frozen Butterball, cook in the bag kind, which is fabulous and comes with its own frozen gravy packet), cornbread dressing made and poured in a pan to freeze back in November….of 2009 (chuckle) which was very good even though the men were scared to eat it at first, stewed apples, and sliced steamed brussel sprouts topped with a bit of cooked, chopped bacon.
  • Snack for the BCS championship game (War Eagle!):  an online version of Chili’s queso dip.  The ingredients had been made ahead back in the fall and frozen for such a time as this to be assembled with that ever-needed Velveeta cheese.  We had tortilla chips on hand.

So, we survived.  In the process of discovering frozen treats tucked away, I realized we could go a few more days without having to venture out.

But, instead, after eating like we did yesterday, I needed a salad for lunch today and had no greens.  Out we went!

I hope your snow/ice day in was  restful if you were stuck in at home.  What did you do/eat?


  1. War Eagle! And, thanks for the great Butterball mention!

  2. Linda,
    I’m not kidding. Cooking that Butterball turkey breast from the frozen state in its own bag is genius! It is always good. Tell Butterball, “thank you,” from me.

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