Some Pool Water Got in the Wagon

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Just when you thought it was safe to move about your week without the wagon coming up, well, you can forget it! I will manage to bring it along the rest of this week. Who knows, I may move it into next week, too. Can you pick me out in the picture up there?

One of the things I carry around in my wagon is a lack of desiring to exercise. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while you may remember my posts about the plantar fasciitis that I have. I still have it and the doctor won’t release me to do aerobic exercises such as walking or stepping videos. However, not all aerobic exercises are prohibited. I can swim, ride a bike, and do an elliptical machine.

I have done none of those since November. I am finding my clothes have shrunk in that time I have not been exercising. Does this strange phenomenon happen to anyone else? For weeks now I have been contemplating joining the YMCA. They have water aerobics classes and elliptical machines. I tried joining the St. Francis Wellness Program only to be turned down because I was not a senior citizen nor a heart patient. It has taken months for me to build up the courage to step foot into another potential rejection situation. I find this rather humorous, actually. It says much about my ability to succeed or more like my fear of failure. It is true what some say. The first step is the hardest.

Anyway, I suited up this morning and made my way to the Y and tried out the water aerobics class, for free. I was the youngest. Most of those in the pool were advanced in years. It took me back to the days of traveling with my parents in the family wagon to Clearwater, Florida for vacations. We would stay with my Great Aunt Louise in her retirement condo at Top of the World Condos. The children’s swim time was noon to 3 pm…peak sunburn time (maybe that’s how I got that skin cancer). We girls and any boys with longer hair were required to wear swim caps. LOVELY, not! Yet, there were men in the pool with more chest and back hair than we had on our heads combined and they did not have to wear a rubber body suit. Go figure. As I backed down into the pool and began noticing others in the class, I had visions of that pool and everybody we had to swim around back then. The sad part is that I’m way closer to their ages now than the age I was then. I think I taste some crow…

Humor aside, I must tell you that today’s class was fun. I think I may have found something I like and I can do in my own backyard. Yea! I kind of wonder if I really got my heart rate up there, though.

So, one more thing has been taken out of my wagon. Fear of showing up for a new exercise class has been removed. One more encumbrance out. Now that I’ve been, surely the second time won’t be as difficult. In the process of removing that fear, I think I got a few drops of some highly-chlorinated water on a few other things lingering in the wagon.

I plan to try the elliptical machine next.

So, which one am I in the picture? I’m not in it. It’s a stock picture I pulled from the internet. Sorry. But, if I ever join the synchronized swimming team, you’ll be the first to know. Talk about a sight for sore eyes…

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