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Sing, sing a song…(thanks to

Much like King Saul back in David’s harp and hymn days, I can understand Saul’s need for a good song to lift his spirit and get him back to peace.  (That’s about the only good thing I can say about him).

Fortunately for him, God brought young shepherding David on the scene to slay not only the Philistine giant, but to also slay some of Saul’s giants through the gift of music…music that sang a tune of God’s goodness and had rich depth of meaning to bring the human soul and spirit back into the spirit kind of reality.

Music has a way of soothing our spirits, souls, and bodies doesn’t it?

One of my friends will pick my brain from time to time for a musical adjustment (like seeing a chiropractor, huh?) when she’s in the midst of her own spiritual battles. And I usually have suggestions to offer her whether she needs the repetitive mantra of so many of today’s worship songs or the depth of sound doctrine found in a traditional hymn or a newer one (like what the Gettys are up to these days). At times, it’s not words that a tender spirit needs, but just soothing instruments in symphonic synchronization.

The fact that music engages a different part of the brain makes me realize that music was created by the ultimate musician when He was creating the heavens, earth, animals, days of the week, and man and woman.  He knew we would need a bird to sing to prompt our human minds into wanting to engage in birdsong with instruments He led us to create.  Our voices lifted high in worship pouring out the breath He poured in keep the song cycle alive.

Why, He even sings over His own children. Zephaniah 3:17.

I wonder what song God will sing over you today.  Be blessed knowing He exults over you with loud singing.

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  1. Dear Amy
    Music was so much part of King David! I agree that music is a wonderful gift from our Pappa’s God hands! But, then the one who was the Master of Music in heaven rebelled and wanted to be higher than God. So sad!
    Blessings from FMF

  2. I love the idea of music slaying our giants… and I love that your used Zeph 3:17 in your post… when I saw the prompt this morning my mind went there as well…

    • Good music that sings of God’s goodness helps me to grasp the attributes of God we read about in Scripture and cling to as we run the race set before us…singing of God’s goodness and slaying those giants along the way. Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. Amy, your post just really put a smile on my face. I sometimes forget that my creator is singing over me with great delight! Exhale! Smile!
    Kelly (stopping by from fmf)

    • Sweet! Kelly, I’m glad the reminder has lightened your load and revived you! Thanks for stopping by today.

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