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Well, it looks like my time on the couch paid off.  I’ve gotten some stuff to write as a result.  At some point between dreams and staring up at the ceiling, I realized why I like home.  Much of what I realized that day that I appreciate has everything to do with what I hear.  Since I had nothing to do but lay on the sofa, I heard lots…when I wasn’t asleep.  Here’s my thankful list:

  • the sound of my husband’s voice on the phone checking in with me to make sure I was okay and also asking what he needed to secure from the store before coming home at lunch – thank you Rob
  • my friend’s voice saying everything was under control at Bible study before it began so I could rest well while she was covering for me – thank you Lou Anne
  • the soft tick from the living room of the wall clock my aunt and uncle gave us for a wedding present rhythmically lulling me to sleep yet again – thank you Aunt June and Uncle John
  • the heater cycling on and off to keep me warm, in addition to my Slanket and Beans – thank you Atmos, Energy Savers, and Rob (who pays the bill)
  • the washing machine cycling through a load of sheets and towels and the sound of the clean water flowing into its tub – thank you Georgia Power, Whirlpool, and Rob (who pays the bill)
  • Beans’ soft snore from under the Slanket as she spooned me and kept vigil over her sick mistress.  If there had only been a way to get her to refill my glass with Gatorade g2 – thank you Beans
  • David’s deep, rather than little boyish, “I’m home” as he came in from another day of school and then checked on me.  Those days are coming to an end, soon.   I hear my melancholy in that in that one – thank you David
  • the buzzing cell phone at my head that contained a text message from Robert thanking me for coming to take care of him and then another text apologizing for giving me the bug – thank you Robert

Ultimately, they were all blessings among many to my ears that day that God had bestowed on me.  Ultimately, He gets the the final thanks.

Thank You God.

For what simple things do you thank God this day?

(Thanks for indulging me in my more personal writings this week.  There is one more tomorrow.  Stay tuned for Friday…a special Valentine’s message for my single friends that you married ones need to read, too.  Then, beginning Monday, I plan to spend some time sharing insights from Isaiah with you.  I hope you’ll stay tuned.)

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