Sour Grapes

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In my effort to save money last week, I purchased 2 pounds of green grapes. We love grapes around this house (preferably red but the store didn’t have red that day). I washed them and had them on the counter in a pretty colander.

Gosh, they looked so pretty, almost wax-like.

Rob and I ate some yesterday. Yuck. They’re big and pretty, but SOUR!

I got frustrated over the waste of money. My sour grapes almost turned into grapes of wrath (thanks John Steinbeck for that title).

Rob has banned me from buying grapes from that store. Super. I told you grapes are serious snack food around here. Don’t mess with our grapes!

Actually, they were the perfect snack food yesterday. I was throwing a pity party and that sour food fit right in to the whole theme. I invited bitterness, anger, self-absorption, dejection, defeat, and hopelessness as equal guests of honor. They all showed up and at the same time. The sour grapes were not enjoyed by any. Go figure.

Bitterness said the grapes were too sour and why did she have to eat them? Give them to somebody else. She deserved better but never seemed to catch a break. They were too bitter for even her.
Anger was just downright mad about the grapes. How dare the store sell substandard grapes for the amount of money she paid!
Self-absorption kept quiet but was introspectively thinking about why she’s always the only one stuck with sour grapes.
Dejection had no appetite and could have cared less. Woe was her.
Defeat was too listless and upset. She couldn’t make room for the grapes due to the tissue in front of her nose. We had to drag her into the house for the party.
Hopelessness was sure that there will never be sweet, crisp grapes on the vine and in the store ever again.

Goodness gracious I hope to never throw that party again! It was exhausting. I thought the guests of honor would never leave. They really did hang around way too long. I though they had all left but I found one was still lingering this morning as I told Rob “bye” when he left for work. Actually, she wasn’t invited but one of the others must have snuck her in. It was self-hatred. Actually, I think she’s the one who invited all the others to come. She showed up big time. Her opinion of the grapes was that of course I would buy the foul things. And then she proceeded to knock me down and stomp on me.

I don’t know how I didn’t see her come in. That’s the problem with her. She is sneaky. She likes surprise parties, I think. She hides and just when you think the sun is coming out on a new day, she pops out and yells, “Surprise.” She doesn’t use those words necessarily. She prefers to slam herself in front of others and make cutting comments about herself. She is ruthless. I can’t stand her.

As Rob was backing out of the garage, I threw her out of the house and under his tires. I think he flattened her. I hope so.

Okay, it’s an odd story but I think some of you reading this today can relate to it on a number of levels.
-You are disappointed when the produce doesn’t measure up.
-You throw pity parties.
-You understand every single one of those emotions is a description of how you feel from time to time on issues other than grapes.
-You know the enemy uses tactics such as the above to get into our heads and mess us up. He does not play fair.

So, in closing, the next time the urge to slam yourself or battle over one of many of the emotions mentioned above or otherwise comes, think on this:

Philippians 4:8 (my own translation in summary, frisk those thoughts at the door).
Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think on such things.

Ephesians 6:10ff is another good thing to pray for ourselves and others regarding putting on the armor every day, every day, every day!

Before our feet hit the floor we must be prayed up to refute the sour grapes and the pity parties the enemy wants us to have. Frisk it all. Yep, frisk it all at the door of your mind. That’s where the enemy finds his entrance is through your mind. Let’s hold all those thoughts captive.

I better go.

I need to throw those grapes O – U – T!


  1. love the post and yes I think all those “friends” can come and visit us all. For the record I shop at a certain big store right up the road all the time. I know it saves money on everything – but I can’t stand the produce dept. Worth it to go somewhere else for that stuff!!!

  2. Wow Amy
    The day you wrote this, I was having a HUGH pity party. Unfortunately I can relate and the party is not completely over yet!! It keeps rearing its ugly head and I keep praying..


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