Speaking the Language

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Tomorrow we will be looking at specifically Hebrews 3:6 and 3:14. We’ll discuss what you saw in your lesson about Moses and Jesus, house, partakers, holding fast…you get the gist. If you’ve done your lesson then I’m speaking your language. So lets all be ready tomorrow. Then we wrap up part 1 next week. As of right now, the part 2 books won’t be here tomorrow, but should be by next week or we’re in trouble! Pray the UPS man has not absconded with them and is off privately distributing them. Just kidding. If he has them and is using them to further God’s kingdom then glory! I’ll reorder.

Speaking of speaking my language, I want to brag on Rob. Although we’ve never read all the way through the love languages book by Gary Chapman, I did take the test so Rob would know my love language. I didn’t think about reading it so I would know his. Oops, my character is showing. I have since discovered what his language is. I have told him several times that I have all five – that I am very gifted, so to speak. He assures me that is not true but my top two are words of affirmation and gifts of service.

Here’s how that should play out I think. While he is cleaning the house for me while I am resting he should also tell me good things about myself. Isn’t that simple? You know. Something like, “Beloved wife of my youth, you are the best wife and mother and I want to honor you by dusting so you can rest.” Believe it or not, that’s how he is toward me most of the time. I know, I know! I need to make sure I’m speaking his love language, too! Way to go with long distance rebuking, ya’ll! Gosh! I was just sharing a little from my life and you all go and take up for my man.

Seriously though, he gets me! He loves me anyway. Bless him. He doesn’t have to work at it either. He’ll speak things that so encourage me or I’ll find something he’s done around the house that helps me. Yesterday he complimented me on some silly gadget I have (see above picture) that helps the last little bit from the refill bottle of something go into the smaller bottle by just holding the mouths of the two bottles together so you don’t have to stand there all afternoon waiting or be wasteful and toss out 1/2 tsp of whatever remains. I know, I’m obsessed. He could have made fun of me or the gadget, but instead, he spoke an affirmation over my dorkiness. It went like this.

Oh woman of great worth
In what dost thou invest?
But in ways to save my money,
With a gadget our home dost bless!

You have the dryer vent brush,
Clothes pins for your chip clips,
A bottle-neck on bottle-neck holder!
How could I abuse with mean quips?

With your member card and flier handy
At Winn-Dixie you saved $71.25.
Above all other women
I honor you with my words, fair wife.

Thank you blessed helpmeet
For making our house our home.
Now rest my beloved princess
As I finish your chores in this room.

Okay. It’s pathetic. He doesn’t speak in rhyme nor use “dost” unless he’s referring to how much “dust” has accumulated since the last time of its removal. I was exaggerating humorously but he is sincere to speak affirming words and in helping me around the house. I am blessed. Thank you, Honey!

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