Sprained Ankles and Why I Don’t Look UP

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I have a tendency to sprain the same ankle.  It’s my right ankle and I sprained it while going down some uneven steps last Friday evening.  I was wearing some cute new shoes, too.  Oh, and I was holding my new favorite flavor of frozen yogurt in a cup, vanilla mixed with bananas and pistachios.  Yes, I had on a hat and it managed to stay on my head, praise God!  My purse stayed on my arm.  I’ve become a pro at falling when my ankle rolls, sadly…like last November in the garage while carrying my favorite mug, a tote bag and my purse to the car.  Coffee spilled, pants got an abrasion, but the mug did NOT break!  Ta Dah!

The first time I sprained it was when I “got saved” on a youth beach retreat.  Ironically, stairs were involved in this event, too, which happened to be the week before my first year of high school marching band practice.  Needless to say, I started out marching band on crutches and in a chair observing.  Talk about a way to humility.  Ugh.  I caught up though I kind of hobble marched for a bit.

Friday’s fiasco was so quick and yet so slow motion.  I could tell I had misstepped and I came tumbling down landing my backside on the initial step where the fall began.  Frozen yogurt remained upright although my appetite for it left immediately and I handed my cup to Rob to toss in the trash.

After “resting” on the steps for a couple of minutes, I lifted my pants leg and saw what looked like a baseball under the skin of my ankle.  Rob helped me up and I carefully went the rest of the way down the steps and into the car. 

Once home (we were in the mountains for a relaxing weekend) nurse Rob made sure I kept ice on it, took lots of Tylenol, and wore the stretchy ankle brace he bought the next morning with all the lunch fixings he had to get, too.

Now that we’ve been back in Columbus since Labor Day evening, I’ve managed to get up carefully in the mornings and hobble about my morning routine (quiet time with my foot elevated) until my ankle has warmed up for the day and I can manage to “walk” somewhat normally.

I’m a bit frustrated that it happened (I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve sprained the thing) as it has forced me to sit even more still…and that’s another story for another post.

Hug yourselves.  No need to send me pity party comments.  I’ve said them all to myself.  I just wanted to share something/anything with you in an attempt for you to know everything is alright, even with a sprained ankle. (Smile.)  Also, it might clue you in as to why I look down more than up when I’m walking, even on flat pavement.

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  1. I can’t help it…I have to give you a, Bless your heart. Hope it is feeling better each and every day.

    Frannie : )

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