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Something odd has happened to my Random House College Dictionary I received upon my metriculation (look it up) from Columbus High School in 1982. The print has shrunk. I think maybe the pages have been exposed to humidity and the moisture has caused the shrinkage.

I wanted to look up the word “stretch” for you. Below is the definition. I have to look at a line then look away. Type. Look back and so on. It’s pitiful. I’m going to have to get my needle-threading glasses. Hold on.

Okay, I’m back and I have 3 peanut butter crackers with me. Yum. Why am I telling you this?

Oh yeah, the definition…

Stretch – to draw out or extend (oneself, a limb, a body, this post for the blog), to strain to the utmost.

Those are just two definitions for that word. In a large print dictionary (which I think I am going to have to get) it would probably take up half the page.

I have been experiencing that word.

I’ve told you before that I think God wants me to learn to be flexible. He keeps allowing situations in my life that force me to be be just that. I’ve learned that stretching can help you to become flexible. Runners and other athletes can be seen before an event warming up and they warm up with stretches. It helps to prevent injuries. I sound like an expert. Ha!

I have finally been trained in some proper stretches to help my calf muscle to become less rigid and tight. It’s connected to the achilles tendon and eventually it’s connected to the fascia of the foot (that runs underneath the foot). When the calf muscle is tight it can lead to an injury of the fascia. Fascinating, isn’t it? No? Yeah, I agree. ZZzzzzzzzzzz…..

I find it humorous that once again, I am also learning some stretches in ministry. I hope they’ll help me be flexible. It’s actually more like force-flex (that trash bag). I’m being forced into flexibility. As usual it’s technology-related. It’s as if the enemy is so ticked off that this group is getting some awesome stuff from the Word, that he is going to do just anything related to the dvd to frustrate things. My patience is being strained to the utmost. Yes, it is.

I got there on time (early enough to run the dvd for several minutes). Everything went great. We went through the discussion time…fine, ran a bit over, but fine. I started the dvd and there was no sound. I pulled it out and restarted it…fine. I left the room, then no sound. Came back, got sound. Left the room, the sound began to go up and down, in and out. I decided it just wasn’t worth the trouble. So, class dismissed a half hour early. I began to wonder if it wasn’t my magnetic personality causing some issues. Had the soundboard grown so attached to me it was suffering separation anxiety when I left the room? It appeared so. I made some nervous speculative comments about other possible reasons which I won’t repeat here.

Anyway, sometimes there are just some things beyond our control. We get stretched in the moment. The enemy would love for us to just quit when that happens. Okay, so we quit early today. Honestly, that’s being flexible for me. I don’t like to quit.

He had been stretching me in this area this entire time of Hebrews 1 and now 2. We’ve moved from the dvd player to running it on the computer with the soundboard. The dvd player wanted to turn Kay into a robot in slow motion. It was bad. But, aha! We had another solution you filthy devil. We’ll get past you with the computer. (Hear the raspberry sound coming out of my mouth…oops, peanut butter, too).

So, while I’m stretching my calf muscle this week (against the wall, seated in a chair, on a 45-degree incline, kneeling on the floor, rolling a frozen water bottle underneat the foot, and as a wonderful foot massage from Rob – that’s my favorite stretch, by the way), I’m going to stretch my brain to figure out some backup plans for the dvd. If plans a, b, c, d, and e all fail, well, I’ll continue being stretched way beyond my comfort zone.

Flexibility in muscles.

Flexibility in ministry.

Either way, being too rigid and uptight is not a good thing.

So, S——-T——-R——–E———T———-C————————H!

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  1. Although the process is usually not fun, it is good to know when God is working in your life and bringing you to a new place with Him.
    Stretching(however uncomfortable) increases flexibility!
    Give God the Glory!!!

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