Summer Reading Book 1

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I bought this book last year shortly after its release.  I got as far as the introduction and put it aside due to other more urgent things, like preparing for Bible study and taking care of my family.  I don’t often make it through too many books at a quick pace.  So, I like to catch up during the summer months.

After my sister informed me she had picked up a copy to read, I sent her a quick email letting her know that I already had it!  She said I must have put it to good use based on my handling of this whole cancer thing.  I was honored and more since I had not read past the intro yet. 

So, I have picked it back up and have determined to read it this week.  So far, I like what I’m reading.  Nancy Leigh DeMoss has a knack for writing and speaking truth.  I like her a lot.

So, Delilah and I took our picture with the book.

Here’s my summer reading book #1:  Choosing Gratitude:  Your Journey to Joy.

If you struggle with having a more optimistic bent and speaking uplifting things in your own head and out of your mouth, you might want to get a copy and read along…but not in place of your Bible time.  Let the Bible take precedence over man’s words.  Okay?  Hug yourself since I can’t hug you via cyberspace.

Yesterday I completed chemo number eight.  I have eight more to go!  SDG!


  1. Amen for number 8! I think I need that book! I am going to go get it too! Thanks for your inspiration and I love you!

  2. Amy, you are too cute. Love your hair. Stay positive and the Lord will take care of the rest.

    Thanks for your daily posts. I need to be more gracious. Thanks for reminding us.

  3. Thanks for book advice. Thankfulness is the road out of the dumps for sure. It was a winner when I was so sick years back. Thank you Jesus for your ways that WORK! He is so good to give us what we need if we will just trust Him and take His advice. I love Jesus because He loves me in a totally proactive way. Following Him is a workout! It brings spiritual health. Love you girl!

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