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It’s time to read my second book for the summer.  The choice this time is, Come Closer:  A Call to Life, Love, & Breakfast on the Beach, by Jane Rubietta.

I have to admit that I do judge a book by its cover, literally.  In this case, the book was a gift and I would have chosen it anyway because the cover is so appealing.  It’s a picture of the beach and ocean  through a window…the beach as I prefer it with beautiful blue water and calm tiny waves.  On the beach is a boat, a towel, and a basket.  It looks inviting.  I am thinking that it’s a day with the temperature in the high 70’s.  That’s my preferred temp at the beach.

See the picture?  The cover inspired me to take a photo of the book next to a beautiful arrangement of hydrangeas a friend brought by.  I even donned my periwinkle blue Victoria bucket hat for the photo!  I let the flowers take center stage…this time! (Chuckling smile.)

As with most books worth spending your time reading, it’s the inside that matters more than the cover.

The author uses the book to draw the reader into 15 of Jesus’ invitations from the Gospels in four parts of the book:  life abundance, love relationships, breakfast food is cure for the soul, and homecoming heaven.

I relish the thought of abundant life full like those hydrangeas over there.  Don’t you?  It’s available! All of Jesus’ invitations are not empty words and I think we so often don’t take them or Him seriously.  His words are abundantly powerful even in their simplicity yet we can try to complicate and/or misconstrue them.  So, I am looking forward to going back to the basics and seeing Jesus afresh.

The book’s introduction conveys the author’s purpose for each chapter’s section as well as some suggestions for working through each chapter. 

I tend to read some books with the Evelyn Wood School of Speed Reading mentality.  Hurry up and finish, already!  Then, when I put it down, I can’t remember much of what I read.  So, I intend to take my time and the author’s suggestions and savor Christ’s invitations.

Now, I have to tell you that the author herself will be in Columbus, GA this November 4, 2010 for St. Luke United Methodist Church’s annual women’s dinner.  If you would like to find out more about Jane Rubietta, you can click here.

So, I encourage you to “come to the beach” with me and pay attention to Jesus’ invitations in a new way.  Put on your flip flops, press “play” on your ocean sounds cd (yes, I have one), take a whiff of your coconut sunscreen (SPF 45 over here), grab your morning cup o’ joe and savor His attention as He draws you closer to the boat.  Oh yeah, don’t forget your hat!


  1. Beautifully written! It felt like taking a little vacation! Can’t wait to hear the book report! Love you!

  2. Dear Amy…

    Keri Wyatt Kent forwarded me the link to your blog, where you mention my book as your summer reading. I’m honored to “accompany” you on such an uncharted journey as you are taking.

    Will I get to meet you in November? I would love that!

    May the One who loves you more than life itself hold you tightly.

    In Him
    Jane Rubietta

  3. Jane,

    Yes! My plan is to meet you and I am so looking forward to you being here in Columbus, GA for the evening in November. I am praying for your preparation.

    I am enjoying the book very much. The chapter on relief was waaaaay too close to home for me. It has been an excellent journey reading it at a more contemplative pace. Thank you for writing it.

    Blessings to you!

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