Surprised in Auburn

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Well, as Rob and I were attending our first parent meeting for orientation along with 646 other parents on Wednesday, I just couldn’t focus.  I’ve been battling the lovely summer runny nose and cough.  My nose was more red than the classic red Vera Bradley bag I toted into the hotel room with more toiletries and meds than clothes and hats.  Ha!  Can you say, “Raw”?

As one father entered the large conference room after the rest of us were seated (and I was fanning), I couldn’t help but think how much he looked like my high school friend’s husband.  They live in Atlanta.  Then he seemed to disappear and I thought no more of him as I tried to figure a way to stuff a tissue in each nostril and still breathe and drink lemonade.  Not possible, I have decided AND the tissue could dip into the lemonade or fall into it.  I would embarrass even myself if that happened.  (Smiling.)

As it turns out, my friend and her husband (that makes him my friend, too) ARE here with their first of four to fly out of their nest.  I did not see her then, but from afar at another session yesterday morning.  I was still sipping lemonade (not the same one) but my nose drips had subsided greatly.  Hallelujah!

Anyway, that was one surprise.

But of all the surprises we have had, I have been most surprised by the child that I birthed as I have heard of his time here via Rob.  Remember, I had to drive home to Columbus for chemo yesterday.  After I returned to Auburn, Rob and I went to dinner where he regaled me with his observations of and conversations with David during my six-hour absence.

Suffice it to say that maybe this hovering eagle mama needed to fly out of the nest to give her eaglet some time and room to spread his wings in my absence because the things Rob heard and saw are the things you HOPE for.  He took notes at sessions with a nice Moleskine notebook he purchased and packed for this trip, signed up for a learning community, looked into study help sessions, got necessary ID cards, knows when to order important things (like football tickets and a parking pass), asked questions while in small groups and even informed his dad that he need not ask questions without first asking David if he had already found that information out (to save the group time and David embarrassment)!


So, with steroids flowing, my tummy feeling happy, some energy restored, fewer tissues making their way to my raw and runny nose, and apprehension that existed prior to chemo gone as a plan was put in place to hopefully give me a better weekend this time, upon my return to Auburn, Rob and I dined at Amsterdam Cafe where we had the hummus appetizer.  Rob had the seafood special and I ordered the vegan special of panko/parmesan eggplant over FRESH tomato linguine.   We shared key lime pie and had decaf coffee and water.

Today was a GREAT DAY!

Another surprise…my white blood counts are low.  I will be getting neupogen shots for the next three days to build up my bone marrow.  Remember those “D’s” for which we were praying?  Well, I got them.  The proof the doctor needed on paper is what he got.  So, pray for my bones.  I understand the shots will cause me to have pain in my bones (which will mean the marrow is doing its job, which is good).  If you happen to see me out (which may not be much) please don’t hug me or shake my hand.  I must be germ free!  That’s hard for this hug lover.  (Frowning.)

Speaking of potential pain in the bones, pray I’m not a pain in the buns for my family as I take a new step in the adventure.

So, hug yourselves and thank you for stopping in.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Find five things for which to thank God.  Starting…..NOW!  GO!  Leave a comment!


  1. I am very excited for David! It sounds like he is off to a great start. Glad you all had a great experience. Auburn is a “little bit of heaven on earth!” I will be praying for him as he begins this new advernture – and for you, of course!
    War Eagle!

  2. I’m not sure why but I type with tears running down my face. It started with the first paragraph. Maybe it’s because I feel closer and closer to these days of my boys being out of the house too. I know you’re proud of David as he begins this new journey. Again I say, “you two amaze me and I am praying for the same result for my boys.” You are inspiring to me in so many ways. Thank you for sharing with us on your journey called life. Constantly praying, Danielle

  3. 1) thankful for Amy and her dear family, 2) thankful for Amy’s report being good, 3)thankful David got into my favorite school, 4) thankful it is summer, 5) thankful for summer fruits and vegetables. That’s my list for today. Love you!

  4. I went to school at Auburn and still live here as a married woman. I found your blog through a friend and love it. The Lord uses it daily during my quiet time. I was also a Camp War Eagle Parent Counselor like the ones you are seeing this week. All of the counselors there have a true desire to help make your family feel like part of the Auburn family. It is a hard long summer and they wouldn’t do it if they did not believe in it. Our orientation for parents and students are among the best in the country and I am so glad you are going along with your son. Auburn is an amazing place- God is moving in a mighty way among the college students. I would recommend for him to get involved in a local church- we have many great ones with huge, fun college ministries. I would be happy to recommend some to you! God Bless you and thank you for sharing your faith and your life with us! War Eagle Forever!

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