T is for Temporary

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PreviewJust about the time I think that life on the hill is ticking right along (meaning the right fabric was found at the last stop yesterday), I am reminded once more of how fleeting life is and that our lives on this earth are temporary.

We won’t be satisfied with any place in which we dwell because they all have their flaws and fix-up projects. Transformations with fabric and paint are good for a while until something “better” comes along. So home owners spin their wheels trying to keep things in good repair and looking good.


All of it is temporary.

Sometimes I put off important spirit things because the things of my soul are crying out of help, saying that if I will but take care of their demands then all my hours for today will be happy and just right.

So, I fall prey to the mindset and tag along on the journey of fruitless pursuit all the while numb to God’s call to be still.

Be still.

That sounds really good. When will I make it happen? As soon as I do _____________________.

My soul and spirit are wrestling today between to-do lists and knowing those are only temporary, thus the desire to be still. The tension of T:

  • to dos31daysmoving
  • temporary life with temporary stuff
  • time
  • temporary dwellings here
  • taking care

What are your “T” things?

Father, You are above all time and understand the tension we humans feel when we recognize this temporary life but desire fulfillment and seek it in the next best thing or task done. Meanwhile, we put time with you off the clock and wait for a better day. Wasting time to take care of things, yet not taking care of our relationships with You. What a supreme waste of time. Forgive me for not taking time to meet with You and allowing other things to come to the forefront. Help me to be mindful of making the most of my time in ways that bring You honor and nurture our relationship.


  1. Amy,

    I want to quote something I read on a home improvement blogger’s “about” yesterday and it really stuck with me, she said: “Our home here on earth is temporary, and none of this matters in the end. What matters is living a life that gives glory to God, who gave everything to demonstrate his love for us. We are imperfect and learning, but so thankful that our imperfections are covered by His endless mercy and grace.” I guess you were thinking the same thing when you wrote this today…

    • Whoa! That is awesome! I love it when messages collide! Thank you for sharing that here today. I really appreciate it.

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