Tah Dah!

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Goodness gracious what a journey to get to this day but Hallelujah and Hip Hip Hooray!

It’s nice to finally move in and open the door to you! (photo from rgbstock.com)

Welcome to the new and improved home of Gracious Goodness!

I didn’t think this day would ever get here, but it did.  The blog has officially moved.

{Excuse me while I pause for some hysterical laughter, sighing, breathing, and typing.}

Digging Deep (my first blogging spot) is now lumped in with Gracious Goodness and that just feels so good to have them in one place, a new place with a fresh look.

Yes, there are still a few things to work out (editing and tweaking) but I am just so thankful to have a place where the writing can pick up and move forward.

I would be remiss if I didn’t thank those who helped me get the ball rolling, encouraged along the way with advice and pep talks, and helped me go from the behind-the-scenes secret spot for developing to clicking the button to swap it all out today:

A month ago I was just ready to throw in the towel as I was reduced to tears trying to figure this thing out.  I dragged into the kitchen as my husband came in the back door where I began unloading the heaviness of my spirit on him regarding the technical side of moving from one blog platform to another and how the theme was a challenge, and how I couldn’t figure it out and why won’t the pages stay in their content margins?, and it’s a waste of money and time,  and on and on with lots more technical jargon…

He looked at me with his mouth agape and said, “I have no idea what you just said.  It sounds like you are speaking a foreign language.”

That’s when I knew that I needed to just finish this thing because I had understood the lingo I had just spouted and in some warped way I felt empowered in my spirit to just do this thing! Remembering God’s advice about taking the next step when in a paralyzing situation, I did.  I took the next step. Then I took another, and then another.  I quit trying to wish it would just happen overnight and took it one small step at a time.

My encouraging blogging friend Susan asked me in an email if I was trying to get it all perfect before it “went live” and I admitted I was. Although it’s better than it was the day I was lamenting with her over some of the technical stuff, it’s not all perfect.

But, I’m here.

And I am DeLiGhTeD you are too!


  1. Congratulations!

    • Rick,
      Thank you! : )

  2. I LOVE it! It is beautiful…. just like you! I am excited for you and for your persistence to see such a difficult task through to the end. You are so SMART! Can’t wait to see more. Love you!

    • Thanks Kelli! Your encouragement to make the switch from blogger to WP.org while traveling home from She Speaks was a catalyst for the switch. I’m glad you stopped by today to read and peruse. I still have some cleaning up to do but am happy to have this move behind me.

  3. looks very nice. I have blogger and haven’t had any problems with it. Someday I may re-do my whole look but for now it is just fine. Great new look. congratulations.
    Your husbands response was hysterical. Mine kind of says the same thing, and we also have a great computer guy now so he helps with the internal ‘workings and I have to figure out the rest of it.’

    • Thanks Sharon! I was happy with Blogger, but heeded some advice from others who have suggested it was time to move into self-hosting. Until I get used to a new format over here, I’m going to miss the ease and familiarity of Blogger most definitely! I am assuming you got the email notifying you of the new location. I’m glad you checked in and offered encouragement. Have a great day!

  4. Love you, Love your Mom, Loved seeing you and catching up for a few minutes and LOVE THIS NEW LOCATION! Most of all, Thanks, for all you do to enrich my life without even knowing it. I ride that trike almost everyday and now I have a wonderful stopping place. Hugs!

    • Mary,
      It was great seeing you yesterday! Thank you for parking tour trike here. You are welcome any time, sweet friend!

  5. Way to go friend!! So thankful for u!

    • Thank you Stephanie! Is that the Hallelujah Chorus I hear? Why, yes! I do believe it is!

  6. I love your new format! I am signing up today to have the posts come to my email so I don’t miss a thing that you have to say!

    • Thanks lifelong friend! You are so kind! I am happy you’re signing up for the email updates. Hugs! : )

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