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Why do I have that cute black pump at the bottom of this blog?  Here’s the story.

It is amazing how one simple act can change a life.

I was tired and just wanted to jump in bed that particular night in February of 2010.

Instead, I decided I should just grab a quick shower to wash off the day’s junk.  Alone in the hotel room, I grabbed my soap and let the water get to my preferred temperature.

A cup of Chai tea and Psalm 4 were waiting in the next room.

“Oh man!  I forgot that tulle sponge I meant to bring!”, I thought as my search for it was fruitless in my suitcase.  I had quickly packed that morning tossing in a few items that were essential for my impromptu trip.  That one was not.

“Oh well.  No biggy.”

I hopped in and let the water and soap do their magic as I showered.  And that is when my world was forever changed.

In my showering, I felt a mass like my flip phone in size and firmness wedged there in my upper left breast. 

I looked.  Nothing.  I gulped and felt again.  Something.

Even in the steam of the shower, my skin went cold and I had chill bumps as I pondered what this could mean.  

With my hand suspended on the spot, I prayed, “God, I don’t know what this is, but I know You do.  I pray it is nothing.  In my heart, I believe it is something.  What do you want me to do?”

You know what my spirit “heard” from Him?  A simple directive.

“Take the next step.”

Okay.  I will.  What would that be?

“Finish showering, dry off, sip your tea, read My Word, and talk to me.” (So, maybe more than one.)

I did.

Sitting on that bed in my comfy pj’s, sipping my Chai, I read Psalm 4 (NIV).  Several verses jumped out at me:

“Answer me when I call to you,
    my righteous God.
Give me relief from my distress;
    have mercy on me and hear my prayer.” (v1)

“Know that the Lord has set apart his faithful servant for himself;
    the Lord hears when I call to him. “(v3)

“Tremble and do not sin;
    when you are on your beds,
    search your hearts and be silent.” (v4)
 “Offer the sacrifices of the righteous
    and trust in the Lord.” (v5)
 “In peace I will lie down and sleep,
    for you alone, Lord,
    make me dwell in safety.” (v8)
I took the Psalmist’s advice:  I called out to God.  I prayed for relief from the distress I was already feeling was going to happen.  I knew He would hear.  I would not fear.  I would search my heart and not let my worries take over as I recounted all the goodness of God towards me.  I would sacrifice my fear for a trust in Him for whatever would happen from that moment on.  I would go to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, I still heard, “Take the next step.”  I’ve been taking the next step ever since.

“Take the next step,” is not just for me and it’s not just for those going through cancer.  (Yes, that is what I had; stage 3 triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma.)

This statement is for the one letting go of an addiction to food, drugs, alcohol, or pornography.
This statement is for the one stepping into a real relationship with Jesus Christ.
This statement is for the couple who just miscarried for the first or fifth time.
This statement is for the young lady who just found out she is pregnant and she’s not married.
This statement is for the young ones who buried their parents long before they thought possible.
This statement is for the widow who buried her husband last week.
This statement is for the parents who buried their adult son yesterday.
This statement is for the man who heard his wife say she wants a divorce.
This statement is for the woman in her 50s entering the dating scene after a long absence. 
This statement is for the writer or speaker called into ministry.
This statement is for the corporation that honors God and His Word.
This statement is for y.o.u.

When our world is rocked and our feet fall out from under us
     we must wake up
          we must look up
               we must get up 
                    we must move forward.  
One foot in front of the other.  One step at a time.

“Take the next step, Amy.”
My dear reader, hear God say in your situation where the hurt and/or fear are real, “Take the next step.”
That black pump reminds me of God’s direction that evening and it still applies today.

Encouragement and Opportunity for Response:
Take the next step.  Where is God speaking this to you in your life?


  1. So beautiful Amy. My mother is in year 11 of her battle with breast cancer. It has required many steps for all of us. Jesus has carried me through every one. As the number of her steps here with me are coming to a close I am going to cling to Psalm 4. Thank you for encouraging me- glad I got to meet you at SS. Have a blessed day!

    • Tracy,

      Thank you for sharing this with me regarding your mom’s journey. Cancer is tough on the patient and family alike. I pray her 11-year battle has not been in vain and that you all have seen God’s gracious goodness at work in numerous ways. I will be praying for your mom and for you as you continue walking in faith, one step at a time.

      I am so thankful to have met you at She Speaks.

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