Talking Myself Into a 32 Degree Walk

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I did it. Thanks for holding me accountable.


Discipline of self. Self-discipline. Good habit. Daily exercise.

However you say it, I am having a hard time talking myself into my walk right now. According to my thermometer, it’s 32 degrees! The frost is so thick on the lawn, it looks like snow.

Okay. I will do it. When I’m done, I’ll come back and post that I did it. In the meantime, I am going to wait for it to warm up a few degrees. The good news is that I’m dressed to walk and my windproof, water-resistant jacket is waiting next to my fleece hat and gloves by the back door.

Remember how last week I posted about updating my schedule? Well, let me tell you that I had a very productive week. I got so much done and got some sitting still time, too! God was good to remind me that the computer is great in moderation for me, but spending too much time on the thing was eating into family time, ministry time, and quiet time with Him; not necessarily in that order.

Wonderfully, the Christmas cards have been ordered and will be sent tomorrow! I even had time to take care of that! Yesterday afternoon, Rob and I sat in the living room by a fire (in the fireplace of course…the fire, not us). We read. He had his latest fiction and I had my latest non-fiction. My book is Leanne Payne’s Restoring the Christian Soul. It’s not a quick read, but a good read regarding forgiving yourself and answers why it is so difficult to do that. I am only on the fifth chapter and will probably have to go back and re-read some of that. She has such a ministry of healing for people and relies so much on praying for others as well as helping them in their prayer life regarding healing. Really neat book. It’s the second of hers I’ve read. I’m thankful for the friends who told me about her.

Yesterday at church, one of our elders filled in for our pastor who was not well. He brought the message focusing on Galatians 5:7 and based the message on why we quit. The passage reads, “You were running well, who hindered you from obeying the truth?” He had excellent points to make and he presented it with humility and a tender heart. One of the things he said as he was wrapping it up was this. When was the last time you went to God in prayer and said to Him that you want nothing? That you are there just to tell Him how wonderful He is as you recite His qualities to Him?

That jumped out at me. So, on my walk this morning, my plan is to leave the iPod at home and spend time telling God about His goodness, righteousness, immutability, faithfulness, holiness, redemption, grace, mercy, compassion, love, creativity, sovereignty…

What would you tell God about Himself today?

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  1. You are too cute…I am very proud of your discipline…I want stick my big toe outside till it has hit 40 degrees.

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