Tending to the Details

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Christmas. What thoughts run through your head when you read that word? If I counted correctly we have 54 days until the big day!

I am one who thinks through the details. Sometimes, it’s to my dismay that my looking ahead to the various scenarios at rapid speed can be perceived as shooting down someone’s idea or bursting their bubble, if you will. Ask Rob. That man has had more creative ideas shot down than the target at a local gun shooting range has holes. I’m making that up. I have never stepped foot in that place. I’m just imagining.

Oddly enough, my own ideas for Christmas I try hard to not shoot down because I want Christmas to be special and everybody’s going to remember it, by golly! Scream!

So, if today’s post has already made you feel panicked and stressed, stop.

Remember, we are going on a journey praying through six of God’s names this Advent and we are starting it together next Monday. Order your book at Amazon or check your local Christian bookstore to see if they have it in stock. Immanuel, by Ann Spangler, is the one we will be using and I am so excited!

The point of journeying together this way is so we can truly keep our eyes focused on the real meaning of Christmas and not get sidetracked by our well-intentioned thoughts of memory making. Some of those memories could lead to the need for therapy for our loved ones down the road.

If the phrase in the picture today resonates with you as it does me, I want to suggest to us that we not make that vow or judgment as it could lead to us eating crow for Christmas dinner. Let us be about focusing on the Main One and simplifying the rest.

‘Tis the season to hug yourself!

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