Testing,Testing. Hello, Anybody Out There?

Posted by on Sep 5, 2008 in Blog Posts | 3 comments

Today is Friday! Yippee! I think we’ll be going to the football game. David decided to not be on the team this year. But, we have friends who have boys out there playing or daughters cheering and I feel like I need to support them and the school. To Rob’s dismay, I’ll spend more time gabbing with other moms than watching the game. Every time I venture out to a game, I give myself a talking to beforehand, “you will watch the game, you will say hello and leave it at that when making eye contact with others”, but for the life of me, I have horrible follow-through. I fear that others will think I’m mad if I don’t engage in more than a salutation. That’s me. Sorry, Honey!

Okay, if you read the post title, I really am wondering if anybody else is out there reading this. I’m not doing it for the comments, BUT I did hope this blog would be a place of encouragement for those in the study. And I really want us to encourage each other. Here’s your opportunity to encourage somebody!

With that said, I would LOVE for some of you who feel led to venture into the comment zone. Here’s the topic:

What is your routine for getting your lesson done in Bible study?

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I look forward to being encouraged by your comments!


  1. Amy – I love the blog! Keep it up…I esp. love when Beans adds his posts. He is always very funny. 🙂

    I try to do my Bible study in the mornings while both kids are at school. If it doesn’t get done then I have to do it at night after they go to bed…I am a morning person so I am much better with it in the mornings!!!
    See you on Thursday!

  2. April,
    Thanks for chiming in! I’m a morning person, too! Beans says thanks for the comment.
    Amy <><

  3. Amy,
    Yes I am reading your blog but not everyday and then I play catch-up. I really enjoy reading it. How do you feel about sending us an e-mail when you write a new one? It would help me keep up…but no pressure.

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