Thank You for Your Word and Fernandina Beach

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Dear God,

It’s Thanksgiving and as I look forward to having the usual dinner with my immediate family today, I have been thinking all week about how thankful I am for being in a relationship with You.  Thank You for drawing me to Yourself when I was 13 (34 years ago).  It was during that retreat at the beach that You knew I would sprain my ankle and be forced inside that beach house while my friends got to go outside for the day.  I was left there all alone.

Just me.
           Just You.
                   And Your Word.

{And so, “with nothing better to do”, I camped out in the lower bunk of the bunk beds in that room and opened up my copy of The Way (that teenage Living Bible in the 70s).}

It was there on that bunk bed with You and Your Word that my eternity with You was set.  You wrote my name, Amy,” on Your family tree.

So, in addition to being thankful for that beach trip.  I am thankful that You met me in the quietness of that room and that Your Word clicked with me that day.

Sadly, I don’t have in my memory the specific verse that resonated with me in that saving moment.

But, joyfully, I have the blessed assurance that I am Yours.

You and Your Word have changed me.

Thank You,

Take time today to sit down and open His Word.  It is life.

Opportunity for Response:

After reading yesterday’s post from Jen Ferguson, and today’s post, how have you been blessed by God’s Word in your own life?  Please share.  Thank you!

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