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Summer reading book #1 is done!  I finished Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s Choosing Gratitude:  Journey to Joy on Friday.  I will have to go back and read it again as it was so rich.  Now, I’m completing the 30-day portion in the back as part of my daily quiet time. 

It was really good and I highly recommend you read it.  She puts gratitude/thankfulness into a perspective that has been dismissed through the years.  It motivated me to whip out those thank you notes I had been piling up in list form these last two weeks.  I had begun working on them while at chemo Thursday, but ran out of stationery.  So, once home and near a stash of writing paper, I resumed the writing of thanks. 

I had a conversation with David about it, too.  He graduated two Sundays ago and the dining room table displays gifts from friends and family.  I have been nudging him to make more progress on his thank you notes.  He’s writing a few at a time and that is fine.  But, we have seen several of his with notes from the giver requesting he not send them a thank you note.

This is a quandary for me.  It’s not for David, though.  He takes that as an even better gift; no thank you note to write!

After reading one of the chapters in that book I was so convicted about not consistently expressing gratitude to people that I had to tell David that he must write thank you’s to everyone…even those who don’t want the note.  The chapter’s gist was that everything we receive from others ultimately comes from God’s provision as a blessing to us and that it is good and right to express thank you’s to people as a way of expressing thanks to God, too.

The book gives examples of the differences one thank you note made in people’s lives.  Now, I don’t believe for one second that my thank you’s nor David’s will minister to someone’s soul as the examples cited in Nancy’s book, but I do believe that it is a command of God in His Word that we do give thanks in life and ministry and prayer, to Him and to others, for Him and for others, as well as for His gifts through Him and through others.

As part of the reading during the 30 days, I read Colossians and had never realized that in every chapter of that epistle, there is something about thankfulness in a variety of contexts and applications.

To be thankful and expressive of thanks is a way of combating bitterness, selfishness, and whining.  That alone is enough to encourage me to get out a piece of paper and take note of ways to thank Him each day. 

What about you?  How are you in expressing thanks to God and others?  Do you have a note to write?  Get on it and be thankful for the means to buy that pen and paper.  : )

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  1. Summer Reading? That was more like weekend reading for you!! Still on Chapter 2. Phil 1:3 Love you!

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