Thankful for You!

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As I post it’s a dreary misty day; a nice day for a nap. As a matter of fact, Frankie and Beans are curled up tight in their nap mode. I’m jealous.

Being more conscientious of how I’m spending my time has helped me to get more done, including time to just be still. That’s a major perk and a blessing to my family I hope.

The 40-minute study on Wednesday nights has completed week 1 and the discussion has been good. We’ve decided to not rush through the study. Even though it’s six weeks, we may take 12. We’d rather get it and practice than check it off our to do lists.

Take a Bible study. Check.

Not everybody is gung-ho about the marking and that’s understandable. I just hope a good try goes into it so the benefits of marking (slowing down to read) are realized and discussion is productive. I think back to my earliest attempts at this method and am thankful that my leaders were patient with me and that I still felt comfortable to go back each time whether I had been able to begin the lesson and see it through or not. As always, it’s not about the method but rather the message.

Maybe it’s because of my spiritual gifts that this marking thing does resonate with me. Hello! I have a book on praying in color (thanks, Sister!). It has revved up my prayer life, too! Ooooh, I have just had an epiphany! I wonder what type of studies appeal to people and if certain methods appeal to us based on our spiritual gifting. That would be quite interesting to me to find out.

Back to what I was saying earlier, time spent in the Word is not time wasted. Then taking what we are learning in and living it out day by day is what being a Christian is about. Putting His Word to use in our thoughts, speech, and actions toward others and our Maker is walking the talk and part of being His child.

Next week, the Hebrews study will break and resume Hebrews in January! I cannot believe how fast the time has gone since August. I am so thankful we are doing this book. It used to scare me, but I have seen God’s grace toward me over and over as I have sat down to read and prepare the lesson. When times of uncertainty over difficult subjects would come in I have felt His peace about resting from it for a bit and going back to Him in prayer instead to ask for His wisdom, for clarity, and for my small mind to grasp His big Word.

Those of you in the group have been so patient with me as I’ve tried to handle the Word in a way that is pleasing to Him and at the same time trying to be sensitive to your questions and maybe a bit of confusion from time to time.

With that I say a big “thank you” to all of you for helping me grow in the Word, for being patient with me as God continues to refine me and grow me in Him. Whether you have been part of the studies for a while or are just jumping into the Word for the first time, I appreciate you and your encouragement and your willingness to do something (study the Word) that does not come naturally to any of us. I repeat, it doesn’t come naturally. We have to learn how to study the Bible. It takes time and it takes work. Here’s the neatest part. It’s not time wasted. I’ve already said that but it is worth repeating. How else will we know God and know truth unless we see it for ourselves.

My testimony is not done. One of these days I want to share with you more about that and some things God has done in my life and relationship with Him that makes me emotional even as I sit here. It’s not just misty outside now.

Your testimony isn’t done either. We are on this journey together and our Father is doing amazing things in our lives.

For Him I am most thankful!

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