The Annual Christmas Panic

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My favorite “Mary and Joseph”
are rather calm and bright.

We have done it again.

Pardon me as I take a break from the rut-ine of not writing on the blog.  It’s Christmas and I am busy being well…


Ask my sister.  I texted her the gist of my overwhelmed state last night when she wanted to know, “whatchadoin?”  I panicked.

At that moment, I was pouring the contents of a Maggiano’s BOGO-to-go meal into an oven-safe container for reheating.  The potential carcinogens in the plastic one are a no-no.  I would follow up the pouring, covering, and oven time with preparations for a salad of chopped romaine, fat-free Italian dressing, and canned parmesan.  Rob and I would sip on a powdered artificially-sweetened tea mix…cue the panic from thinking about the cancer properties in that…

Oh well.  I try.  Sigh.

Neither Martha Stewart nor Nathalie Dupree would be proud of my dinner accomplishments last night. I am thankful to at least have gotten something on the table other than the check from a waitress.

So, what have “we” done again?

We have become flabbergasted at the to-do list and the fact that we have let December come onto the calendar with no package wrapped now into these almost 10 days before the big day!  I think, too, that “we” really means “me”.

In my quiet time yesterday morning, which is even more vital during this time of year, I wrote the following:

“I am stressed to the max.  Amen.”

That concluded my journal entry for yesterday.  Sad, huh?

The very thing I said I would not let happen for the past 25 years of marriage has happened again.  I even said so to my sweet husband as we were driving to Target after our “gourmet” meal.

At the end of the excursion, we returned home, where I brewed some “Youthberry” tea I had purchased from Teavana in Atlanta Saturday.  Those two ounces of white tea mixed with dried fruits and berries were a splurge, yet a wonderfully relaxing sipping treat at the end of one more day closer to Christmas.

And, it gave me something to write about here.  Finally.  (Smile.)

Taking time to appreciate something simple, like hot tea, can benefit us when times of being overwhelmed take over.

Opportunity for Response:
How do you deal with the stress that can come from the expectations of Christmas?


  1. 1) Text my sister!
    2) Listen to Christmas music!
    3) Breathe in…breathe out!
    4) Smile…especially to the face in the mirror!

  2. Can you repost this tomorrow? Because I will definitely forget to try this “encouragement” again 🙂

  3. Sweet Sister,
    1) Thank you for the texting!
    2) I agree with listening to the Christmas tunes.
    3) In with the good air. Out with the bad! Check.
    4) Amen!

  4. Katy,
    Too funny! I will be coming back to it, too. Join me back here at the same page tomorrow. Praying we can all have some Christmas peace. If you have Amy Grant’s “The Christmas Collection” cd, listen to “I Need a Silent Night” and sigh. Fix some tea!

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