The Band Stays On

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In the midst of some recent tests, I was informed that I could not wear my wedding band I have not removed from my finger for 23 years, 8 months, and 15 days.  I told them it was not possible and smiled sweetly, genuinely.

Granted, I had tried to remove it but was really afraid that I was about to remove my finger with it.  For some reason, the gold has shrunk these many years around my finger.  Hmmmm.  How is that?  I bet if I were to take my wedding dress out of its preservation box, it would still fit….  : )

The last time the request came for me to remove it, I informed the RN that it was not possible.  She asked me if I had tried.  I assured her I had and proceeded to pull, tug, and grimace in her presence. 

She gave me “the method” for removing it.

Last night I tried it.

It worked.

Now, I have a naked ring finger that looks somewhat malformed.  Honestly, it looks like those antiquated sketches of women in the Victorian era who wore corsets for so long that their pelvises became deformed.  Where the ring belongs is a tiny band of my finger with the rest larger.

What’s the method?

Close your sink drain.  Without wetting your hand, rub dishwashing liquid around the ring area and twist and push until it budges.

Now you know!

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  1. Amy, when you look at your once “corseted” ring finger, I am sure that it is a reminder of the man who gave it to you and the circle of his love….infinity……..a reflection of God’s love for you!
    “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound……” Love you!

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