The Beauty of Ministering Women

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I’ve been busier this past week than I have been in a long time.  I kind of feel like I did in college when a project or paper was due and I had to live life and do extra stuff above and beyond the “routine”.
But it has been a blessed week and in the midst of it all I couldn’t help but notice how much women ministering to other women were such a vital part of the week’s blessings.  Here are a few of the ways I saw women blessing others:
  • Anita Renfroe sharing laughter and song while also professing Christ at a secular event
  • the simple arrangement of pink Gerbera daisies in mason jars on the tables of the same event
  • the one who made her fabulous cheese straws for everyone to take home as a gift of her time and talent in memory of her sister
  • the gift of a necklace and earrings worn in by my mother-in-law and worn out by the recipient, me…a gift for me to wear to Saturday’s retreat where I was to speak
  • promises of praying for one another offered up at Bible studies as women would share their joys and their burdens
  • honest questions asked at Bible studies recognizing that asking in those environments is safe 
  • a young mom opening her home for a small group to meet in and making coffee served in her special china
  • a friend and fellow-writer returning the favor by guest posting here last Friday
  • a small group of women from St. Peter UMC making a big impact in their community by meeting monthly to work on service projects together
  • this same small group putting together an annual day apart for women to come together for food, fellowship, and a faith message
  • being blessed by the ladies at this church because they asked me back to speak this year
  • the one who uses her talents in the kitchen there to plan, shop for, and prepare fabulous gourmet meals with her kitchen chicks…without getting a salary (and her food is gooooooooood!)
  • the sweet music of women singing hymns together
  • a friend and her daughter that I haven’t seen in a while showing up for the day apart and that’s not even their church home….they wanted to hear the speaker (smile) 
  • a pedicure in gift certificate form to enjoy down the road
  • a precious arrangement of flowers in a pumpkin at Sunday morning’s class time at St. Luke
  • a sweet sister in Christ planning to pick up a box of Panera pink ribbon bagels to share in Bible study this week
  • the woman I did not know who asked me if she could walk in my honor in the upcoming breast cancer walk in Atlanta – “yes” and “thank you”
  • “Friends of Amy” who pooled their money to sit at a table in my honor at the the luncheon last week
I just keep thinking about the common feature in all this.  Women who love Jesus are good at sharing beauty with one another because they are blessed by serving.
What a blessing to all who cross their paths.  I was blessed to cross a lot of their paths in the past few days!
Think of the blessings you’ve experienced of women who minister to others in a variety of ways.
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Share one of those blessings with us.

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