The Blessing of Today

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My new blessing journal and new devotional.

“You were wearied with the length of your way, but you did not say, ‘It is hopeless’; you found new life for your strength, and so you were not faint.” – Isaiah 57:10 (ESV)

Happy new year! As I read that verse from Isaiah, I found it fitting for my state of mind as I awoke to a new day, month, and year this morning (even though I went to bed on the same day I awoke).  That Hebrew word “new” up there means, “lively, active”.  Do you need a lively and active life filled with hope, possibilities, sightings of God at work?  I sure do.

Through a simple mix-up of coffee last night (it was not decaf after all), I attempted to fall asleep.  However, my mind was in full operational mode and I began to rehash the year 2012 and found myself remembering a list of my failures rather than remembering the blessings of God.

I eventually fell into a good and restful sleep only to awaken to a quiet house this morning and my memories while I fell asleep awoke, too.

Tears cognizant of my disappointment perched in my eyes waiting for the right trigger to permit them to fall.  Usually a tender word prompts the dam to break and the water to flow over and out.

A few managed to bubble up and over when my sweet husband came into the kitchen and found me sitting at the counter struggling to start a new knitting project (for the tenth time) in the quiet.  I had not even gotten up from my perch to pour my coffee I had just brewed.

{“I am a little blue.”}
[Two clear tears leaked out. Plop, plop.
The lump in my throat grew. Gulp.
His hug embraced and gave me permission to sigh. Sniff.]
He gently reminded me that a new year is a time for new opportunities ahead and not regrets for yesteryear.  He jump-started my hope.
So I got up from the chair, grabbed my new blessing journal (in a future post I’ll write about that), my flower pen, and a new devotional from my youngest (yesterday’s birthday present) and opened up new words and clean pages to a new year of watching God work, being actively engaged spirit, soul, and body, where He calls, and living each moment for Him, hopeful, trusting.
Join me, won’t you?
How is God speaking to you today?  
How is He encouraging you as this new year begins?  
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