The Bride

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This isn’t the one I saw.  I wasn’t that quick.

There is much going on in our family as the wedding of our oldest draws near.  We have a nephew preparing to get married this summer, too.  Wedding bells are ringing!

Last week Rob, David, and I headed for New Orleans for the latter part of David’s spring break.  He and I had never been so Rob led the way in planning our trip.  We stopped off in Hattiesburg for me to take in a needlework shop called Shakespeare’s Peddler after lunching at Brownstones.  Once we arrived in the Big Easy we had a great time walking around the French Quarter, shopping, eating (beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe Du monde, coffee at PJ’s, lunches at The Court of Two Sisters and Acme Oyster House, suppers at Bayona, GW Fins, and Bourbon House), touring the National WWII Museum, taking in the street artists (like Tanya and Dorise), and just doing some serious people watching which did not disappoint.  Coming home we stopped in Mobile for lunch at Dew Drop Inn.

On one of our walking adventures in New Orleans, we were passing the side of The St. Louis Cathedral that bordered some stores.  It was late in the afternoon, the weather was slightly warm, the sidewalks were littered, and the smell was that of a nearby garbage can.  All of a sudden the grime and smell dissipated as my eyes beheld a beautiful sight.

A bride and her wedding party in their finery were standing in the midst of the city’s stuff as they were waiting for all the festivities to begin.

There we were, minding our own touristy business when this unexpected sight caught us by surprise.  It was pleasing to behold.

Mind you, I know nothing of this bride or her friends attending her.  All I know is that she stood out in the gray grime from the rest of us going about our lives.  What she was was obvious.  Her clothing gave her away.  Her radiance was a fresh surprise in the middle of the afternoon.

I couldn’t help but think that that’s how Jesus hopes His own appear to the rest of the world as they pass by us or as we pass by them; or better yet, as we live our lives doing what He’d have us do and going where He leads us.  His radiance within us should be an attractive sight to others all along the way.

Weary travelers draw refreshment from us through our radiance.  Or do they?
The world takes notice of us because of Who we represent.  Or do they?
We move about as His bride, anticipating Him coming back for us.  Or do we?

His bride in the midst of the world…are we recognizable?


  1. Very thought-provoking! OUTstanding INsight! If I tweeted, I would re-tweet this one! Love you!

  2. Great insight.

  3. What a terrific post! The image of this writing is etched on my heart. I appreciate the challenge. Blessings from Music City USA!

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