The Clean Desk

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Remember those couple of posts about cleaning out the files of the kitchen desk?  Well, like most of my projects, this one didn’t end with just one drawer.  It eventually led to cleaning off the top of the desk, then rearranging the pictures under the glass top, then Windexing, then redecorating the top and then redecorating the shelf overhead.

Aaaaahhhhh.  My Trapp Sweet Honeysuckle candle is lit and its fragrance is as refreshing as the desk redo where I can now sit and type on my laptop!  Yea! 

Over the weekend I  sewed a cushion for the bench at the desk to tie in the black, reds, greens, and golds of the kitchen.  I was a bit rusty, but it’ll do.

Let me say that a clean desk aids my efficiency but as I’m learning and sharing with you, it has nothing to do with my sufficiency in Christ.  He’s my all.  He’s the One with whom I identify myself…not my desk, not my hats, not a cute haircut down the road.  He’s my everything.

I hope He’s yours, too.

Just ’cause I know you are curious, here’s a picture of the “after”.  I dared not take a picture of the “before”. 

I will tell you that before the redo, the cubbies were atrocious!  I wrote down the dimensions of the cubbies and Rob and I found the boxes at Target that fit perfectly!  I love it when that happens.

The two angels perched on my copy of 10,000 Things to Praise God For represent “hope” and “miracles”.    Behind them is a prayer that we had read at our wedding.  We framed it when we were newly married.   This weekend, Rob painted the frame and mats black.  They were brown (frame) and green/mauve (mats).  They were definitely from the 80s.

The bulletin board was a $10 find at Marshall’s where I took advantage of some shopportunities, as they like to say.  The files I’ve had a while.  Ask my future daughter-in-love and she can attest to the fact that I am known to buy cute office supplies for down the road.  These were the result of such an impulse.

The yellow/gold pottery ruffled bowls are old and from Pigeon Forge.  The one holding the candle on the right has cute circular paperclips surrounding the candle glass.  The other bowl holds my cell phone. 

The box on the left was a wedding gift and holds my house chore cards I made and used much more faithfully when the boys were little bitty.  On top of that is an Arthur Court tray from a friend and some place card holders with Scripture cards from my sister.  There’s also a stone from a stone massage I received one time (it was a memento, I did not steal it) and there’s also a wooden cross we picked up from Westminster Abbey’s gift shop in London.

On the oak leaf hook is my newest apron, a gift from David upon his return from Belize.

Thanks for letting me share my desk with you.


  1. Love loveeeee cute office supplies and they make such a difference too! I love , you should check it out!

  2. Thanks for the resource tip Monica!

  3. The desk may be assumed to reflect the person to whom the desk belongs.

    When the desk is messy, people may then be inclined to assume that the owner of the desk is a messy person too.

    However, when the desk is clean and shiny then people may then make the connection between the clean desk and the cleanliness of the desk-owner.

    In the same way, when we, as the Body of Christ show ourselves to be “clean and shiny” through behavior that glorifies God… we are making a statement about God that surpasses words!

    So come on, lets show ourselves different than the other desks in the room, and make a real statement about God! 😀

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