The Deadly D’s…There are Five, Not Four

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Yesterday’s Isaiah kick-off was awesome!  I just hope those of you reading this and doing any study with me will hang in there.

After I got home yesterday, I grabbed the handout with the deadly d’s I mentioned to you.  There aren’t four of them, but five.

Here are my notes on them.

The point of becoming familiar with these is to become familiar with the tactics of the enemy in warfare.  In your case as a student, the enemy is Satan, the devil, the father of lies, the serpent of old, the dragon, etc.  He has a bunch of names and characteristics.  The bottom line is he is a deceiver.  In the case of you being a student of the Bible, he’ll try these tactics with you to keep you from getting into the Bible.

  • Disappointment – if he can he’ll manage for you to walk away from a lesson or a study gathering feeling disappointed in yourself, the group,  or the teacher.  He may use extraneous things to disappoint you and thus, keep your focus on the situation and not the Word.  To combat this, rest in the sovereignty of God and do your lesson as unto Him.  Keep your heart right before Him.
  • Discouragement – you grow a bit disheartened and this weakens you.  When you are weak, it’s a prime opportunity for attack.  Discouragement sets in.  Stand firm on hanging in there with being in the Word.
  • Dejection – this is a lowness of spirit that causes emotional fatigue.  At this point, your words reflect your condition.  “I’m too tired.”  “This is so hard.”  “Why can’t I get it done?  I’m not any good at stuff like this.”  Stop it!  Think of Philippians 4:13 that says, “I can do all things (even Bible study) through Christ who strengthens me.”  Remember that happiness is a choice.  You can choose to fall for the dejection tactic or you can choose happiness.
  • Despair – At this point, you have managed to jump through all of his other tactical hoops from one level to the next.  Now, you just want to give up and call all this “spiritual mumbo jumbo” off!  “I quit,” are words that are all too familiar.  You may even have found yourself making fun of others in the class who seem so superior while you feel so inept.  Instead of this, remember that our God is the God of all hope (Romans 8).
  • Demoralization – This is the bottom rung of the ladder descending down from engaging in the Word.  You just run in circles.  The enemy now has you rendered untrustworthy in discipline.  Your spirit is cast into disorder.  You are of no use to the kingdom of God.  More than likely, you drop out and may not show back up to disciplined time in the Word for quite some time, or at least for the duration of this study, book, etc.

The best way to combat these is to guard your heart from the get go and not allow disappointment to take root.

Like I said Wednesday night and yesterday morning, don’t give up on showing up even if you have not done a lick of your lesson.  Hopefully, you’ll guard yourself against the tactics.  Don’t believe the enemy.  He’s lying to you.  Do the best you can in the time you have each day.

Well, that’s enough today.  You have Bible study homework to do!  : )  So do I.

Have a great weekend!  Hug yourself!

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  1. So, one must Desire to be Determined, Dedicated, Disciplined, and Devoted (Daily) and not be Deterred by the Devil’s Distractions.

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