The File Named, "After BC"

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Believe it or not I have yet another writing idea from my desk organization.  I guess you could say I have a file full of ideas.  You’ll understand why once you’re finished reading.

I like pretty folders, stationery, purses, shoes…I keep the first three on/in the desk.  The fourth?  On my feet, silly!

Anyway, I had purchased a really elegant looking portable fabric file tote a couple of years ago and had it positioned on my desk.  Over time, it grew too full and the desk drawers had no more file storage capacity, hence the great paper purge.  I managed to move all the “stuff” from the file tote into pretty files which are now in a file drawer (I can’t see their loveliness, though.  Oh well.)

In culling out papers and old ugly file folders I decided to create a file for life AFTER BC!  Indeed, that is the name on the folder and it has prime positioning in the drawer since it starts with “A”.  In that file, I tucked away things that I am looking forward to doing when all the chemo, surgery, recovery, and radiation is complete.  I have cute haircut ideas, trips I’d like to take, and decorating ideas.

Okay, my planning nature is hard to totally ignore, but I call this more of a dream folder, not firm plans to feel pressured to keep.  There is something cathartic to having this folder, and I think it’s due to seeing


Hope has been around all along, but God is renewing it for me.  Hallelujah!

According to Romans 5:5, hope that comes after some testing, perseverance, and character development, does not disappoint.  I love that.  Ultimately, the God of all hope, pours out more hope.  His storehouses are full of hope.  Rejoice!

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  1. Oh your post sounds so good. Hope, hope, hope : )

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