The Five Deadly D’s

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Welcome back! As I signed off the blog yesterday following the downcast daisy entry, I was reminded of the five deadly d’s that Kay talked about in last week’s video. So, if the downcast daisy resonated with you maybe you are suffering through one of the ways the enemy is trying to break through your line of defense in order to attack you. If you missed that portion of the dvd, below are the notes I took. Keep in mind that these were presented in light of doing your Bible study, completing it. However, I think these fit any number of times you are under attack from the enemy.

The first D – Disappointment. Interruptions kept you from focusing on the homework or even prevented you from completing it. Turn the D into an H and it becomes His appointment. Rest in the truth of His Word. Be thankful for the time you did have. Don’t let the enemy cause you to stumble into disappointment.

The second D – Discouragement. This causes you to become weak, to lose. You might be saying things like, “Well, I didn’t get all the homework done. I must be a loser. I might as well not show up.” Don’t fall for it. Be encouraged in the Lord. You spent some time in His Word. Great!

The third D – Dejection. At this point, you have a lowness of spirit; tiredness, emotional fatigue. At this point, you are open and vulnerable to the attack.

The fourth D – Despair. You have abandoned hope, are apathetic and numb. You might say, “I might as well give up. I missed the last three classes.” Instead, show up for that fourth one. At least you’ll be there and will still learn something.

The fifth D – Demoralization. At this point, you are just running in circles; not sure which way is up much less which way to go. You are not focused but frazzled. You don’t do much of anything. In my words, you might be depressed, disquieted, downcast.

What’s the point in knowing this? Because in order to fight the battle you have to do some recon (good military term) and know the enemy’s tactics. What you read above are his tactics. Don’t let him find that weak spot in your wall. Put on your armor.

Get out your sword of the Spirit (the Word) and find you some verses that will extinguish the fiery darts the enemy is going to shoot your way. Stand firm. Go back to Ephesians 6 and start reading about the armor.

Get dressed in your battle gear all the way to your shoes (that’s for all you flylady fans out there). This is WAR!!!!! Don’t give the enemy an upperhand.

March on! See you tomorrow when we will look at the theme of Hebrews overall and chapter by chapter. It’s going to be awesome! I can’t wait to see you there!

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