The Folks Who Live on the Hill

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Hill lifeWhen discussing with my husband on Saturday the thought of sharing in writing about our rightsizing adventure move, I was busy working on the artwork while he was finding music. Music? Huh? Yes.

Music is a key component of our marriage. He remembers songs that I’ve never heard of, like the one that inspired the category for the posts yet to be written about our move. I think you’d find it to be an interesting story.

The Folks Who Live on the Hill is a classic song from the 1930s, and although our next house was built in 1950, this song is just too appropriate not to highlight.

You Downtown Abbey fans (and who isn’t?) are sure to enjoy this rendition of this song sung by Michelle Dockery (aka Mary on the BBC series).

So although it’s a secular tune, it’s sweet and loving and promoting of a happy couple making their nest, growing their nest, and resuming the happy little twosome that shares laughter and memories…and I like to think that although this is about a house on a hill (like the one waiting for us), for me, it’s about a home that thrives no matter the location (flat or on a hill, in the suburbs or in midtown, nestled between others or visible on a corner) or the number of square feet available to the family that starts, grows, and sets the birdies free.


  1. Love it… the title, Downton Abbey, the song, and YOU! You have really found your place, girlie! I could listen to that song for a long time…

    • The first time you come to our new/old house, I’ll have to play the record on the old victrola. ; O

  2. I love your song. I could even understand the words!! And I could listen to this all day too!! You have an amazing gift of writing Amy!! You have a wonderful gift. And most importantly, you are using it!! But you have so many. Thanks for sharing with us!! God Bless!!

    • Patsy, I appreciate your words of affirmation. They so encourage my spirit this morning. Thank you and His blessings on you too!

  3. Patsy Leary, I agree with you on Amy’s gifts. I have one more thing to add to what you said…. AMY is a GIFT !!!!!
    Amy , please give all of us “empty-nesters” moving tips! I told Burch I wish we could find a home, move what we need into it and then have a yard sale OR donate it all !

    • Ellen, thank you. I truly don’t know how to respond to your kindness. So, I’m sitting with my hands over the keyboard just thankful for your gracious words……………………………………………… regarding your request, you’re going to get what you’ve asked for in October. My 31 Days series is going to be right up your alley. : ) Love and hugs to you and Dr. Burch!

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