The Make-up Story

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Here is the make-up story. No, I’m not making it up. It shows you something about my nature.

First, a little background. For a little while I have been on a kick to do minimal make-up in the morning. Honestly, it was taking me longer to do my make-up than my hair and I had a cream for every part of my face and for every purpose. I know. These companies promise way more than they can deliver. Since it’s been 12 years since my skin cancer I have grown more comfortable with the scar on my face and have felt less of a need to moisurize it and cover it with spackle, aka. “make-up”. I do wear sunscreen without fail and some days that is all I wear along with some foundation-type powder, blush, liner and lipstick to run a few errands.

Now for the story. Last week I was out and about running a few errands in my minimal amount of make-up. One of these errands was to get the eyeliner that I like and some new mascara. I like a department store brand and purchased the two items and was trying to make a quick getaway so I would not fall prey to another counter’s tactics for impulse purchasers to buy into those impulse purchases. I was not prayed up about this nor did I have my blinders on. First of all, within five feet of the counter I was accosted by at least four perfume spritzers who all had a foreign accent of some kind. Not only did the aromas from their products immediately go to my head but upon hearing their voices I succumbed to being spritzed on my skin and I accumulated enough perfumed paper samples to make a small book. After purchasing one product because it is one I wear and I would be out of by the time Christmas rolls around (I know that was stupid) I gathered my wits and tried to head for the door. I was almost to it when another foreign cosmetic representative suggested I have my eyes made up.

I caved.

I think they have a mirror designed so the dark circles appear darker and the make-up looks all nonexistent. The next thing I know not only has she done my eyes but she has touched up my dark circles, covered some age spots I didn’t know I had and powdered, blushed, and lip glossed me so I look FANTASTIC! Other counter reps were coming over to observe the artist’s technique. I felt like the lion in the Wizard of Oz at his make-over before seeing the great Oz. There were some great “aahs” coming from the observers, too! I mean she even got my lips right. She colored within my own lines of all things. That deserves a standing ovation. I cannot tell you how many times I have walked out of having lip stick applied by a stranger and heard the circus song playing in the background or had one of my sons say…”Mom, why are your lips SOOO BIG?!” It was obvious what I had to do! I had to buy everything she used on me.

And I did.

Afterward, I saw David who immediately took note of the fact of my “after” by noting that I had put on make-up and looked pretty. That alone was all the confirmation I needed that my purchase was meant to be. It causes me to think back to when the boys were younger and if I happened to be near a make-up counter they would ask if I was going to get some “glamour”. That was their word for “make-up”. Crack me up!

Later, I tried to take a picture of my eyes on my cell phone so I could have the “after” for posterity and as a teaching tool for the next day when I would try to do it myself. Let me just say that I took about ten and none of them showed me what I needed to see. Plus, it was just weird to be doing that anyway. What if I had gotten caught by one of my men doing that?

So, now you know. I am fodder for a cosmetician. Please don’t send the Mary Kay or Beauty Control women to my door. I am not into “parties” of that nature anyway. Make-up is private…like exercise. I know, my application event in the mall was not private. But at least only strangers were aware of the hard work that lady had to go through to get me presentable for the rest of my errands. I have plenty of make-up to last me until Jesus comes. Praise God, He loves me without any make-up and He knows what’s under all those layers of goop and color. Not only has He numbered the hairs on my head, but I like to think He has named each age spot which seem to be popping up way too quickly these days. The other thing in all this? God’s promises are sure. The momentary claims and promises of a cosmetic company are diminishing more assuredly than the spots and wrinkles they claim disappear with use of their targeted antioxidant product.

I guess the next time I need some “glamour”, I’ll order it online to avoid the perfume that was obviously a ruse to weaken my buying sense.

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  1. Always love reading about your sister’s life on the Internet. As always, you are a good storyteller and turned it into a teaching moment. I’m impressed with your blogging abilities. I can’t even get my ipod working. Blogging? Never going to happen. Besides, I’d much rather be knitting. I will enjoy keeping up with you and your study group. Wish I could be there with you.

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