The Morning Prayer Wake-Up Call

Posted by on Mar 11, 2010 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

Rob and I have a friend who is a pray-er.  She also has a wonderful Southern voice.  When she gets to praying she is on fire for God and her prayers are the kind that leave you glowing afterward.  You know you’ve been in the presence of God’s glory.

She called us a couple of days ago to encourage us with her words that God had laid on her heart.  There was power from God through the phone lines.

After she called, I hung up the phone and Rob said, “Don’t you wish you could get a call from her every morning to awaken you and spur you on with godly encouraging prayer before your feet hit the floor?!”

I thought it was a great idea.  After all, if you awaken like I do, you’re a bit groggy and your first thoughts might be to simply figure out what day it is.  You’re not thinking about prayer in those first few seconds of your waking moments for the day.  If you were to get the call to awaken you and heard wonderful biblical exhortations, what a way to wake up and start the day!

Just a thought!


  1. I’ll bet she reads this — and starts calling you every morning.

  2. Oops, I didn’t that about that. Well, if anybody’s reading the comments, please don’t call me in the mornings. I guess if she could record them and I could tell the phone alarm when to ring, that would be better. : )

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