The Opposite of Simplify

Posted by on Jul 29, 2009 in Blog Posts | 2 comments

Yes, we can talk about simplifying forever, set up support groups, and write yet another book on the subject.

What is the opposite of simplify? Complicate.

When I did the posts on the other, I found lots of pictures of signs with the word, “Simplify,” on them. However, there is a niche to be filled regarding the ones that say, “Complicate.” Obviously, we all know how to do the latter and so hoping to exemplify the former we hang lovely decorative signs in our homes to give the illusion we just might be the resident president of the S-club. Yet, underneath the sign is an invisible black hole of complication we are trying to cover up.

Also, when was the last time you read something on how to complicate life (not counting this blog, thank you very much).

How to complicate? I bet you have a few things in your head that remind you of ways you may excel in this area. I have a list in my head. I’m curious to know what yours would be.

What do you do that complicates your life? Please send me some comments on this or on ways you have found to simplify. Your choice.


  1. Complicate – I try to be earth-friendly by recycling. But, it does add complication. I have to spend extra time breaking down boxes, rinsing messy cans and bottles, the bins stay in the floor of my laundry room (messy), have to make a special trip to the recycle dumpsters (we don’t have curbside recycling here). So, sometimes I just have to take a break from it and “spontaneously” throw it in the regular trash. Soon, however, after several “be green” ads I go back to the complication of recycling. Sigh!

  2. Another complication – e-mail accounts. I have e-mail at work, two e-mail accounts at home (one just for commerce). Now folks can e-mail me on Facebook. There is e-mail on Ravelry (like Facebook for knitters, but so much more). Too much!

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