The Original Nesting Reflection 4 – Decorating the Nest

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Here’s the post that I preempted with three other posts.  I started not to publish it here after my conviction of its non-eternal value.  But, I had a change of mind.  If part of my goal with Digging Deep is to be a Titus 2 woman (older mentoring younger about home), then I need not believe this is trivial after all.  Without further ado, here ’tis.

Here’s a scenario.  See if it pertains to you.

You are invited to the home of a friend.  You accept the invitation and upon showing up walk into her home and ooh and aah over her decor.  You like her color selections and how the fabric in each room coordinates with other pieces.  You like her furniture, rugs, knick-knacks, faucets, door knobs, and pictures.  I mean it.  You notice every detail and compliment her.

Then you leave and go home.  You are frustrated because, quite frankly, your house stinks in the decor department.  You are confident that every one who has ever darkened your doorway has left not having the feelings you just had about another’s home.

Well, let’s take care of the elephant that’s blocking the decor in the room right now.

My friend, plain and simple, you are suffering from a bad case of decorating envy.  Like any kind of coveting, it’s a sin when you begin to conjure up ways to obtain what another has.  I know of what I speak.  I’m not talking about stealing.  I’m talking about obsession of the decorating kind.

When I peel the onion layers off one at a time on this issue, for me, it boils down to noting how others make their houses homes.  That involves ways to make it warm and inviting.  It can be done simply and affordably or it can be over the top as you have the means…but either way, there’s something to be said for putting your unique spin on decorating your nest to make others (those you live with first and foremost) feel welcome.

Besides a welcoming environment, I think it’s important to reflect God in your home.  It’s good to have a place that draws you to spend time with God.  (See a couple of posts back).

I like the fact that the table between our two club chairs in the den is loaded with our Bibles and devotionals.  A basket behind my chair has my doodle prayer book and pens.  The magazine crate next to my chair has my journal and a collection of more devotional books and whatever the current “read” is.

Like cleaning for Jesus, decorating in a way that honors God is good.

I find these suggestions helpful when it comes to decorating:

  • Ask yourself if the item you are about to purchase is affordable, worth the money, practical for the season of life you’re in (do you really want a white sofa with toddlers?), the right scale for the room, and tasteful.  How long do you intend to use it?  If it’s a trendy item, then sinking a lot of money into the item is not wise probably. 
  • What is prompting you to want to redecorate a certain room?  Is it because it’s cluttered?  If so, clean out the clutter.  Watch one episode of Hoarders and you’ll realize the importance of getting rid of stuff you hang onto for the sake of having it even if it’s in the way or just lost its appeal.
  • Be a wise steward.  If you are investing in a long-term piece of furniture, then buy the best you can afford.  If you are reupholstering a piece of furniture, buy fabric that is within your budget, but also practical.
  • If you are consumed with decorating shows, magazines, and wanting the perfectly decorated home, you might have a bad case of envy.  You might need to trash the magazines and change the channel until you can bring this under control.
  • Lastly, although there could be many more suggestions, if you purchase “this” item, what will you get rid of?  This helps when purchasing knick-knacks to place somewhere for that special touch.  By following this rule, you’ll rule out some serious clutter back up.  Just a thought.

The bottom line for me in decorating is that I want my home to be welcoming to my family so that the things within are not just things for the sake of things but things with purpose, things that prompt memories of happiness shared among us, and things that are not idols that take precedence over time with God and ministering to others in our home.

What’s your best decorating tip?  Please share a comment.  Thanks!


    1. oh…Amy…I love how you just take scripture and make it relate to “real life” your past tow blogs have truly hit home to me. My decorating of my home has been so challenging over the past 23 years. ( we just had an anniversary!) When we married I began changing things…Paul built the house as a single man…no cabinets in the kitchen…yellow walls and rust shag carpet…just to name a few obstacles. I realy like how the changes over the years have made it so much more comfortable. Sunday we had all the kids and grands over for lunch we were so packed in the dining room it was really kinda funny…but my heart was so full just cause we were all there even if we were very close to one another. Longing for Jesus to be with us all and to fill our space is definately what I truly want for my home decorating…thanks for sharing these two Psalms 91 and 84…this “older” woman learned from you today.

    2. The “Hoarding” show has really fueled some purging at my house. I’m constantly dropping off at Valley Rescue. It feels great!

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