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It’s almost the end of Monday.  If you’re at work, it’s close to the end of your work day.  If you are on your way home, well…you’re probably not reading this.  Or at least you shouldn’t be if you’re driving.

I can tell when I have lots of things going on.  Sometimes, I will procrastinate when a bout of overwhelmation sets in.  Then, there are times when I will lay down and pout, fully aware that I am “busy”, with my head on the dog’s bed and the dog sees it as an invitation to sniff my ear essence.  Nasty.  I see it as an opportunity to process all the to-dos so they get done in an organized fashion.

Today’s knowledge that I have had a busy week and weekend came to light when I decided to check to see if today’s blog post had posted.  I typically try to write them ahead of time and set them for a specific time to self-post.  I decided to see how it went with this morning’s… just a few minutes ago. 

I have had trouble getting the Facebook Networked Blogs app to download the post to Facebook with the day’s picture.  It just posts the writing minus the picture (and yes, I have made them aware of the issue).  So, to combat it and make me happy, I will often erase the post they pulled with no picture and repost it by hand with the picture intact.  Aaaah. 

In my rush out the door this morning though, I decided to not worry about it and just let it be.  That will teach me.

So, after my day of a meeting this morning, running by the church to check on the word study materials available in the library, camping out at Dunkin’ Donuts while working on Bible study and waiting for a birthday lunch with girlfriends, then attending said luncheon, driving home, returning phone calls and emails, and updating the Bible study email address book, I decided to check to see if the blog had posted.

It hadn’t.

Want to know why?

Well, if you want a post to be pulled for publication, people, it always, always, always is imperative that you write the post.

That’s right.  I have lost my mind.  Tomorrow, I plan to find it.  Where to start?  Idk.

I never wrote the post.

By now, my friend who has asked me to guest post on her blog Friday should be a bit nervous wondering if I will remember.

Yes, I will.

Now, to get to that laundry I started four hours ago.  It apparently is not going to get done by itself!  

See, you should be encouraged knowing that I totally have lost my mind.  You are not alone!  : )

Opportunity for Response:
What is the craziest thing you have “done” (translate as “forgotten to do”) in a state of busyness?


  1. Love you and your craziness. it is your realness that inspires me. And no, I am not worried. 🙂

  2. It is this Friday, right? Or is it the next? No. It’s this Friday, September 30. It is, isn’t it? : )

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