The Sneaky Sistren

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“Sistren” is another name for “sisters”.   I have a sister by blood, sisters by law, sisters of the heart, and sisters in Christ. 

I have had the privilege of meeting with sisters in Bible study during the course of the year each week. Two groups have committed to weekly discussions based on what we were studying in the Bible.  To not teach them is like depriving me of oxygen.  However, a break at the end of a year is a good thing for them and for me.

We concluded our studies last week and both groups surprised me.  Hence, the description of “sneaky” for them in the title.  The fact that I am clueless to their secret schemes of surprising me is a huge benefit to them.  I am clueless.  They may have been passing notes in front of me.  Clueless.  Me.

Anyway, both groups concluded our last meeting with gifts for me.  I never know quite how to handle this.  I don’t expect them to bless me.  It’s hard to just say a simple thanks to them.  The fact that they return each week is a huge gift.  Yet, they bless me further than their presence with their presents, too!  If they never gave me anything at all, it would not change the tender place I have for them in my heart.  They are a lovely group of women ranging in ages and stages.  They are precious to me!

I received gift cards and a certificate for a massage from Wednesday night’s group.  I shall enjoy all of the gifts!  After everyone had left, I noticed a bag on my desk with no note.  Inside, was a new, pretty blue swim cap.  I should know by now to be careful what I write on the blog or post on Facebook.  Someone will read it and make it their mission to pick up on the innocent mention of a potential need and they’ll find it for me.  Such was the case with the swim cap.  These girls had picked up on other things about me, and knew that the gift cards and massage would be wonderful choices.  They are right.

Then, Thursday morning’s group gave me a gift of cash, a hand-pieced and personalized quilt for my chemo bag, and a ring.  They put verses on the quilt for me to read or look up while sitting in chemo.  I told them it’s like an activity quilt for me!  The ring came as a result of a comment I made on the blog about being worth far more than rubies (see Proverbs 31) now that I have platinum running through my veins.  I commented that I might just have to get a platinum ring with rubies in it after finishing chemo.  Well, they took care of that for me and ordered a ring from a jeweler in Jerusalem.  On the ring are the Hebrew words for God, “Yahweh, Rock, Redeemer”, and inbetween the three names are two rubies set in silver.

As an aside, they also thought it would be quite humorous to help my memory about the Flamenco dancers and they gave me a pair of glasses sporting flamingos on them.

I decided to take a picture of my new summer swim gear for the neck up and here it is:

So, to all my sneaky sistren, thank you!  You spoil me rotten.  You are a joy to walk through the Word with and you bless me by your candor, vulnerability, enthusiasm, presence, love, support, friendship, encouragement, challenging questions, laughter, recipes, application stories, prayer requests, love for Jesus, tears, and your gifts.  Every part of each of you envelopes me in the sweet fragrance of Christ.

You are a blessing to know!  I love you all!

Now, if you’re not in a Bible study and want to be part of one, as summer ends and fall begins, let me know your interest in participating in a study with me.  And if you can’t line up your schedule with mine, I’ll help you find a study in town that will work for you.  Just get in the Word.


  1. It is such a JOY to give to you!! Your Message was so sweet. Sorry I was not here to talk with you. I hope you are heading to the mountains to relax this week.

    Love ya,

  2. Thank you for the picture…You know I love to see you even if it is just on your blog!! Love, Bonnie

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