The Sound of Man Feet

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Quentin's feetMy youngest son’s feet sound like those of my husband now.

That last post about David’s return home from college seems like eons ago. (Read that most read and shared post I’ve ever written if you missed it .)

In the span of time since I wrote, he and his fiancee’ have both graduated from their respective universities. We’ve celebrated Mother’s Day with our first grand baby, our children, and all four of our parents in the midst. We’ve been to the beach with the kids, and we’ve seen David dressed in suits for four days in a row as he has left for his grown-up job training for work as a bank’s assistant branch manager.

His tweets have been fun to read and I dare not favorite them or retweet them for fear he’ll stop chirping. His enthusiasm for work is fresh.  I pray he will keep this momentum and this work ethic to be early and nicely dressed. His feet sound like his dad’s as he leaves in the morning and returns at the end of his day.

There are two men going to work from these doors now. Echoes of man shoes leaving replay in my head. No longer two small sets imitating their daddy’s by scuffling in his big shoes while he was away. One set grew up and left three years ago. They leave from their own home to minister at the church now. The second set came along behind so quickly and now have grown up places of their own to go. Where did the time go? By October, I’ll be down to just one set of man shoes leaving again.

As I tend to the grand baby and have opportunity to observe him, I note his feet all small and clean, pink and puffy. No dirt from crawling, standing, or walking has accumulated. They remind me of his own daddy’s feet and his uncle’s too, that I used to love on.

I am reminded of the sound of little feet learning to crawl (hear the shuffle of knees more than feet?), and then walk (hear the unsteady slide of feet transition to confident stepping?), and then run (hear me fuss about the running in the house?).

I heard the feet in flip flops at the beach. Feet relaxing and playful again. Feet all grown up. Feet resting. I heard them bare on cold stone in the kitchen grabbing another snack, another beverage. (Hear me smile?)

My parents came over Mother’s Day. I saw my daddy shuffling to the backdoor. (Hear me remind him of a slight slope in the carport to watch out for so he won’t fall?). His feet in shoes don’t have that purposeful sound of hard soles rhythmically trotting on the linoleum floor of home like they used to have as he would leave and return from the construction office. They have a slow sound of relaxed gait in cushioned support with an occasional sway that can unsteady us all.

When I have the pleasure of taking him to lunch, I let him hold my hand in a way that allows me to feel confident about our walking progress to and from the restaurant. I walk slowly, more aware of hurdles and pavement than when I was little and he was protecting me.

The other day I was walking behind the man feet of my youngest as his long stride got him to the destination far faster than mine. Occasionally he would glance to make sure I was near. I found myself frustrated that he wasn’t near me, making sure I was okay.

When did this shift occur from me walking alongside him for his sake to me wanting him to walk alongside me for my sake?

I suppose he is more confident that I’ll be fine than I am. One day, though, he won’t be and when that day comes I will know it as he slows his pace to the rhythm of mine. Man feet will walk alongside woman feet, slow and steady.




  1. Beautifully said… And poignant.

    • Thank you, Tiffany! I saw your status on FB about God filling up your emptying nest yesterday, and I smiled at those sweet pictures! What an adventure for you and Will. Just now, I am reminded of the pictures of Adams getting a pedicure (size 17, really?) and dancing on Friday nights, thanks to Janice Hudson giving the kids the know-how for fancy footwork. Thanks for stopping by to read today.

  2. Wow! I’m tearing as I’ve seen more unsteadiness in my parents this visit. It’s the kind that keeps them from social events they normally enjoyed. It saddens me and worries my 10 year old. It also leads me to see my own early aging due to a sedentary lifestyle. Praise God that he can renew us, daily.

    Thank you for a renewal and refocus with your heartfelt writings.

    • Thanks, Gay. It is hard seeing our parents get older and deal with all that entails. Glad you’re in town to visit with them for a while with Ellie. Hope y’all have a blessed time.

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