The Sounds of Christmas: I Am You Are

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Cover photo from The Martins Official Website.

The first time I heard this song I was at a wedding shower during the Christmas season.  The hostess of the party had secured Judy Martin Hess as the entertainment for the event.  Admittedly, I had not heard Judy sing before nor her with her siblings, The Martins.

Up until that point I lived in a music genre bubble that just didn’t listen to the Gaither-style gospel music very often.

Anyway, Judy sang this now favorite song, I Am You Are, and I was so moved by the lyrics combined with the purity of voice that she has.  I was smitten (in a good Christian girl kind of way) with this “new to me” singer who just so happens to live in my community.  Duh.

{Imagine my excitement the first time I saw her shopping at the grocery store.  She’s a “normal” wife and mother doing those same things all us girls do.  She just has a pretty voice to go with her duties.}

It was a beautiful evening among friends during a beautiful time of year.  This song just hit the nail on the head for me because I love teaching a study on the names of God.  Thus the reason for the title of this song as sung from Mary’s perspective holding the tiny “I Am” in her arms.  Precious.

Hear a sample of I Am You Are.

By the way, you ought to listen to all the samples because the cd is a fave of mine.  Every last song I enjoy.

Here is Bill Gaither interviewing The Martins.

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