The Sounds of Christmas: I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day

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Rob and I recently heard Sandi Patty sing today’s selection (although I am featuring another artist today instead) while attending her Christmas concert at Mt. Paran in Atlanta.  Her singing began with the explanation of the story behind the song and I find it very fitting as I am still in shock over the news of the school shooting in Connecticut. 

CD photo from Steven Curtis Chapman’s website

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s story of loss and grief and the emotions he experienced is captured in his poem that became lyrics set to Christmas music.

My emotions from a far away telling of the news have been touched and smashed.

How senseless.
How tragic.
How unnecessary.
How sad.

I cannot fathom what the parents and siblings of the children are having to endure, nor can I grasp the pain of the family members of the adults who are gone.  It’s beyond me.  How will that community move forward?

Seeing brave parents already talking about this and sharing Christ in the midst has been powerful.

How ironic that this song was in my cue for today. Yes, I had chosen this song but a different artist singing it…Jars of Clay.  I’ve scratched their version.  While I loved hearing Sandi sing this and making it magnificent and majestic live in Atlanta, I have chosen one who can relate to these words and this event in a very real way.

I choose for us to hear this today sung by Steven Curtis Chapman.

He sang this years before his family would suffer the tragic accidental death of their little daughter.

Mary Beth Chapman tweeted this regarding the events of Friday, “@StevenCurtis & I send prayers 2 all n #Newtown.While we don’t understand your pain,we do grieve the loss of our own Maria & cry w/you.”

Steven’s tweet: “No words, just unspeakable sadness, heavy heart, tears & prayers for families in Sandy Hook.”

Because he and Mary Beth understand to a great degree what these families are facing, I have chosen him to sing it for us this morning. 

Listen to the gripping words.

Pray for those suffering tragic loss.

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