The Sounds of Christmas: I Need a Silent Night

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It’s Friday afternoon and I’ve had a busy week between meetings, a Christmas event of which I was part of the planning crew, a class I taught on how to lead a Bible study right before the event, buying our Christmas tree afterwards, decorating it and the house, cleaning house (except for bathrooms), and preparing the menu for an upcoming soiree at our house.

Photo from Amy Grant’s website.

Exhausted yet?  How is your Christmas season going so far?

It’s inevitable isn’t it?  This busyness that is about one of two best things that have ever happened to mankind can get to a girl if she’s not careful and even if she is, well, it just happens.

At the end of your work day you come home to the noise of Christmas and forget that Jesus was born in a quiet stable.  Or maybe at the end of tending little ones you just want to prop your feet up but duty calls and the sitting still never occurs.  Maybe you have college kids home and have rediscovered your kitchen and been reminded of just how much a young man can eat…

“When are we going to eat?”
“Who’s party is tonight?”
“What’s for dinner?”
“I want that for Christmas!”
“Where are my socks?”
“I’m home!”
“Let’s play!”
“Mom!  She hit me!”
“This budget plan for your department is due Friday.”
“You bought WHAT for the kids?”
“We can’t spend anymore.”


Sounds good?  Yeah.  It does.

So, on those times when the pace is out of control, this song of Amy Grant’s is just the tune for me.

I Need a Silent Night is Amy’s song that reminds me to clear my head, shift my focus off the busyness and take time to reflect on the authentic Christmas story. 

I need a silent night.  (Yes, Lord, I really do.  Can I have one before Christmas, please?)

It’s the end of the week.

Listen to Amy sing this good reminder and wait for the Christmas story stuck in the midst of the song and close your eyes as you hear it.

Hurry for this!  A silent night can happen.  You and I just have to be still and let it.


  1. The girls and I were just listening to Christmas music and Amy Grant came on – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I love her Christmas music. so good to see you yesterday!! enjoy your silent night! Love, Katherine

    • You and I both love Amy’s Christmas music! Hope you and your family have a sweet weekend and that you get a silent night tucked in there, too! Love you.

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