The Sounds of Christmas: Joseph’s Song

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CD cover photo from Michael Card’s website.

My husband introduced me to this sixth song in my Christmas playlist several years ago.  He had found this song after searching for one from Joseph’s point of view since he, being a devoted dad to his own sons, found that Joseph didn’t get much attention at Christmas other than a spot in the nativity displays.

Rob was so moved by this song that in my looking over the playlist options, I found it in four variations.  One of those was for the accompaniment in order for my husband to practice singing it for church shortly after he secured the sheet music.

Truly this one is so moving as I ponder what Joseph may have thought as he was preparing himself and his bride for parenting the Savior.  What an awe-filled task!

After hearing Joseph’s Song by Michael Card we have grown even more fond of his music and his writing.  He’s quite a talented artist!

Listen to Joseph’s song in its entirety. 

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