The Sounds of Christmas: Little Drummer Boy

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I remember hearing The Little Drummer Boy as a little girl.  It was at times a rather hum “drum” puh rum puh puh pum…

Then I entered middle school.

CD cover photo from Jars of Clay website.

We had a young band director.
He had innovative ideas and we had a Christmas concert.

He had three of our 7th and 8th grade drummers dressed in black with white gloves, white drums, and white sticks stand on tables at the back of the stage.  The lights went out.  Black lights came on.  We began this song which featured the black lit white clad drummers. 

All the audience could see was the drums, gloved hands, and moving white sticks as the song began with a drum trio then moved into the remaining band members chiming in.

It was a hit!

I have never thought of that song in the same way.

What a presentation!

Time moved on and the memory of this song waned a bit until a few years ago.  After all, how many ways can you hear this simple song?

When Jars of Clay came out with their Christmas cd, and “redid” this song, I thought about just skipping over it but decided against it.  And boy, am I ever glad I listened because it is super as it features the snare drum among some other percussion instruments in synchronized beats much like a drum line that gets the spirit moving along with the marching feet of a band.

This is a newer, more rock-style version of this song and I enjoy it.  Sometimes I play it several times in a row.  I enjoy the whole cd’s style and am glad to have it in my collection.

Maybe being the sister of a drummer in the house while growing up helps me appreciate this song.

Of course the words are good, too, and remind me to present all He has gifted me with back to Him for His glory whether I play a drum, cook a meal, teach Bible study, wash clothes, or write a blog post.  I hope this song inspires you to do the same.

Happy listening (and watching)!

Watch Jars of Clay perform this song.

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