The Sounds of Christmas: O Come Emmanuel with Ed Cash, Allen Levi, and Bebo Norman

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CD cover photo from iTunes.

Today’s song on my Christmas playlist is featured for a couple of reasons.  Although I’ve already written a post about “O Come Emmanuel” that song by the BTC was a new version and very upbeat.

Today’s version has its roots in the classic one that I bet you’re already humming.

Two of the artists, Allen Levi and Bebo Norman, have their roots in my neck of the woods.  Hence, one of the reasons I am highlighting  this song. 

The main reason I have this on my play list is because the music is done without any of the three playing their guitars.  It’s A Capella and all three have an opportunity to sing on this one song.  Three men singing a song about the Savior they serve using their voices only. Stunning.

It’s a beautiful song sung with sincere conviction.

Listen to it.

O Come Emmanuel by Ed Cash, Allen Levi and Bebo Norman on Grooveshark
Here’s a great review of this album, Joy, recorded in 1997.  It’s worth the read.  It will make you want to own your own copy and I have to say that I think you should.

Admittedly, I have been known to listen to this in the middle of the summer.

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