The Sounds of Christmas: Silent Night

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Today’s post concludes my series on the sounds of Christmas featuring twelve songs from my Christmas playlist. 

I know my family is not surprised that this would make my Christmas playlist.  After all, it was the lullaby (all the verses) I would sing to our oldest son (who just so happened to be born Christmas Eve…Happy birthday Robert!).

It’s really difficult for me to choose just one artist or group to single out.  Almost every artist out there has his or her own rendition of the song.  Some are traditional.  Others are updated.

No matter who sings it though, I like them all from Nat King Cole to Selah’s Kituba version. In my iTunes library alone, I have 16 different versions of this one song.  Then there are those cds I have yet to add to my library.  Several more have the song.

My favorite way to sing this, though, is with my family in church holding candles at the close of the Christmas Eve service.  It gets me every time.

The words to this Christmas hymn are so powerfully pure as those who believe in Jesus Christ gaze into the night sky and imagine the time when, as the Bible tells us, the Light of the world entered causing the darkness to shrink back.

Glory to God in the highest!

Merry Christmas everyone!


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