The Spirit of Wisdom

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I hope you did jot down a few descriptions of the Holy Spirit from Tuesday’s post Scripture references. If not, go to that post and look at those references from Isaiah. Here’s what I put regarding the Holy Spirit:

He is the Spirit of

  • wisdom and understanding
  • counsel and might
  • knowledge and fear of the Lord.

No man can

  • measure him
  • counsel him
  • consult with him causing him to understand
  • teach him the path of justice
  • teach him knowledge
  • or show him understanding.

Because of the first bit of information we realize that the second is true and because of the second bit of information we see why the first is true. Because of who the Spirit is and what it is he does, we gain understanding when we open the Word. The Spirit’s knowledge has nothing to do with us because he gets all he has from God and is assigned to impart to us what God gives him to impart.

He is the Spirit of wisdom and is such not because of anything we have given him. He would be and is such because of what God sent him to do.

He has specific things assigned to him to do and among those things is the ability to teach and to give knowledge and understanding of spiritual things, like the Word, to believers.

Without him, your attempts to understand the Word are in vain. It is through him that we gain understanding, knowledge, and wisdom. It is not of our own doing. The Spirit indwelling the believer is what imparts to that believer the things of God as contained in the Word. The Spirit indwelling us is what causes our hearts to be convicted when we read in the Word regarding sin. He is the one that causes us to pray on behalf of another when in and of ourselves we would not even think about praying for them but because God has spoken to the Spirit within we are moved to pray. It is the Spirit within the believer that causes us to discern God’s good from the enemy’s evil and to choose the good over the evil.

Did you also notice that the Spirit is a “he”? He’s not defined with feminine characteristics. That “he” is a masculine “he”. He is not an “it” either. He is “he”.

Hang in there. More is on the way regarding the Spirit as our resident teacher.

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