The Taming of the Shrew

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I enjoy Shakespeare’s plays. Okay, not all of them. Well, actually, one and only because I can’t remember seeing others besides it. Therefore, if I did see them, I must not have liked them. Enough already.

The Taming of the Shrew is fabulous. If thou hast never peered upon such a wonder, thou mustest and soonest. How did Willie do it? I can’t type like the glorious English they spoke.

If you have seen it, then this post may resonate with you. You have to love the shrew, although not that much at first. She’s wild, uncontrollable, free-spirited…not a well-behaved woman. Yet, you still love her because you know what she’s going to become…better, sensitive, loving, changed. Unfortunately, we don’t get to spend much time with that version of the shrew. We see her in process, with the help of others.

Now take that summary and think of what we are before Christ and then after.

Before: shrews, untameable, wild, seductive, provocotive, and other such terms like lost, a hopeless case, destined for destruction, and ungodly.
After: loved, accepted, forgiven, claimed by Him, righteous, holy, godly, and rescued to name a few.

You see, God recognizes what we can become in Him. He sees so clearly our potential and what we will become for His glory.

I made a comment in the Hebrews study today something like this, “Was your salvation based upon what you knew of the Bible at that point of your salvation?” The response was, “no.” Of course not, when we hand our lost and condemned lives over to our Redeemer, we just come as we are: ignorant shrews. If our salvation was based on what we knew from the Bible or how perfect we were, well, we wouldn’t be saved.

I rejoice in the fact that God in His ability to live above time and not be bound by it could see what I would be standing before Him and what I would be in Him and press on toward. He sees the righteousness of His Son in me. My royal robe is the cloak of Jesus’ righteousness wrought for me in His suffering and His blood shed on the cross for my sins. I do not deserve it. Yet, He has given it to me and covered me in it. Thank you, God! He sees my moments that glorify Him and He sees the ones that idolize me. Hopefully as I am maturing He sees more of the first and less of the second. He looks on my heart and not my outward appearance. He looks at the intent of my heart. He sees it – His potential in me coming to fruition and it is good in His eyes.

This shrew is now His princess.

If you are saved, that’s your story, too! Rejoice in the fact that He called you out and drew you to Himself and knew what you could become not of your own merit but because of the indwelling Holy Spirit within you! Rejoice!

Now here’s another part of that which deals with how I look at my sisters and brothers in Christ; my royal siblings. Sometimes, quite often, I see their faults, the fact that they may not be in the Word where I deem they should be. I look at their outward appearance and critique what I view as inferior. I see the sin they’ve just stepped out of or into and I am judging. I am sorry you know that about me. I am being blunt. It’s not pretty. I am sorry.

Why do I do that? Because I’ve reverted back to the shrew and I’m prideful and a bully and conditionally “loving”. Quite frankly, I’m making it all about me…welcome to “Christian Idol”! Oh yeah, don’t tell me you don’t do it. One author calls her “Betty Christian”, this woman who has it all together in every area of her life and who has earned the right to judge and critique brothers and sisters.

One problem, she’s living a lie, hiding behind a mask, not being real. Perhaps she is sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong.

So, my true prayer today is that I would be quick to forgive when someone has critiqued some aspect of me spiritually, physically, or in my abilities as wife, mom, child, sister, aunt, friend, and Bible study teacher. AND that I would STOP looking at the speck in my neighbor’s eye because the plank in my own is HUGE! How can I even see their “faults” for goodness’ sake? I do not know what they are walking through, where they’ve come from, and what’s going to happen after our time is over together in that moment in history. So God, put a guard over my thoughts and over my mouth.

It really doesn’t matter what we think or how we think we can “fix” somebody. What matters is that God sees great potential in that child of His. God, give me Your eyes to look on others as You do, to see the potential in them and not focus on where they are from or what they’re going through right now, but relish the fact that you have a divinely inspired plan for him or her. You will grow them. Let me turn what I see as “faults” in them into prayers on their behalf. And God, if what I see in them bothers me because I am that way, then convict me and grow me up and out of that. If this person’s value is to be based on my measuring rod of success and growth, they’ll fail it and it’s unfair to do this. It’s sin. Forgive me, God. Forgive me.

No more shrew! Amen?

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  1. I am right there with you sister. One of my main prayers in 2009 is God, put a 10 second delay on my thoughts and let the Holy Spirit stop me from thinking what I want to think about someone else (judge). I have had to learn the hard way how it all comes back to you…Man of Man. It has been a hard one for me to tackle.

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