The Ultimate Prayer Warrior

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Praying is important.  I’ve said that before.  I’m saying it again.

There is an intimacy between the individual and God when convening to pray to Him.  I like to start with praising Him for who He is, then shift to asking Him to show me where I need to confess (sometimes that part takes longer than I enjoy), then I proceed to thanking Him for everything He brings to my mind from fabulous to mundane, then to supplication last where I intercede for others and petition for myself.  This is the more familiar ACTS type prayer.

It’s interesting to me how when I get to that last part, lots of times the things I thought were so important to petition for myself have evaporated in the light of His attributes I have praised.

Praying God’s Word back is another favorite of mine.  How can you go wrong praying His words back to Him after all?

I have friends who will email me prayers they are praying right then as they type.  I have others who make sure to post concerns in church prayer chains.  You see the ripples in the prayer pond?  It’s so cool.

There is also intimacy when families circle to pray whether for the blessing before dinner or during more pressing times when crises have sparked a more urgent need to pray in one accord with others to whom they are united in name and blood.

Prayer intimacy shows forth when friends show up to pray together and plead the urgent before the throne of God trusting He will hear and has already answered and all walk away hope-filled and thankful.

Then, there is the ultimate prayer-warrior.  He is Jesus.  Praise Him…my heart is overwhelmed as I type this knowing that when He ascended to heaven after He was dead, buried, and resurrected to life that He is seated at the right hand of God where HE LIVES TO INTERCEDE ON BEHALF OF THE SAINTS left here on earth.

He is the ultimate pleader of the believer’s case to the heavenly Father!

Thanks be to God for making Jesus God manifest so He would know how we are tempted, how we suffer, what living in a body of skin and bones is like.  Praise God because Jesus knows how to pray for you.

He is our great high priest who is worthy to go between His own and God.  (Hebrews 7:25).


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  1. And that the Holy Spirit groans for us when we don’t know how to pray – Romans 8:26-27 – All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name!

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