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Happy Easter!

I missed you!

I have got to get better equipped to blog from a distance. I am so dependent on technology, I now admit, that I paid for a day of internet access on my cell phone while in the mountains just so I could look at Facebook and I hoped to check my email. The latter did not pan out, but now I’m thinking about getting an email account where I CAN check it from a distance.

But, then again, maybe I would not have rested as much if I had had the access to all the technology. I am a mystery and already arguing with myself in my head over should I should I not gain more portable technology. Does anybody else do that or is it just me?

Our week plus in Highlands was wonderfully relaxing except for the occasional meal prep and the housework opening the place up. It continues as I have come back home with sheets and towels to wash, dry, fold, and tote back next time.

We experienced God’s creativity in nature from a blizzard and 18 degrees on Tuesday to capris on Thursday as the sun came out and the temperature soared to 68! The sky was so blue I thought for sure that this must be what the blue was in the sky before pollution came into existence. Heavenly!

We made a college visit with David on Monday to Western Carolina University, tucked into the foothills of the mountains and boy, was it a beautiful setting! And so, our prayers begin to be more steady as our youngest begins to scope out where God is calling him to go. Oh, we have our preferences bathed in his long-standing hopes of a place, but we know that even in college plans, God’s plan is at work, too. I just have to believe that! Seated in it all is a mother’s selfish hope that her son’s dreams of a place become a reality.

Some might say that college is not on God’s radar of concern. Let me say this and put those lies to rest; God cares about it all. I think even more in today’s time. So many colleges are hotbeds of liberal teaching where amoral living is condoned and celebrated as it abounds. God’s Word is disdained and put into literature class as a writing, not God’s inerrant Word, if it’s put anywhere at all. And don’t get me started on statistics of the number of professing Christians who leave the safety of home and church to go away to college and walk away from the faith. Some thirty percent of all who profess Christ will tell you that there is more than one way to God; that Jesus is not the only way. Some will “leave what they believe.” I say, after taking Hebrews for this year, that they were never a part of the family. You cannot lose what you never had.

I can sit here all day and blame liberal universities. But, I think that we parents have got to know the truth as proclaimed in the Bible and know it well enough to minister to our children growing up in a day and age of post-modern thought and learning.

We parents need to go back to the University of Jesus, so to speak.

Our textbook? The pure Word.

Our tutor? The Holy Spirit indwelling each believer of Christ as THE only way to eternal salvation.

When? NOW. N. O. W. !!!!!

It’s not up to us for the salvation, but if we don’t know what God’s Word says, then how prepared will we be when the test comes? “Mom, Dad, can you explain what so and so means?” Our lame response might go like this, “Well, can’t you see I’m watching CSI and don’t have time for theological discussions with you?” At that point, they pivot on their Keens and slug out of the room texting the world that they have boring parents and are headed over to the weekly rave somewhere. Don’t know what a rave is? Okay, you need to be educated on that, too, because those have been going on a really long time and are now popular among our own high school students in town. WAKE UP!

Recently, I sat in on a sermon and all was going well until the guy preached a mistake. I don’t think he intended to make a mistake. Nonetheless, several “amens” were said. I had a check in my spirit. Surely what I heard, I did not hear correctly. He said it again. More amens were said. I heard only one disagreement with the preacher. “No,” was said by one to my left. It was repeated as the pastor said his incorrect statement regarding Jesus’ divinity and humanity again.

I realized it was my college son who had the audacity to disagree (calmly and softly) with what was being said. Did he learn this from me? No. He learned it because time in the Word is a priority for him. He immediately flipped into the Bible where it straightens out the lie.

I don’t say this to brag. I say this because we are living in days where more and more, the misteaching will become the norm and if we don’t know what God’s Word says and what it means (important fact here) then we can be duped into believing a lie.

All heresy (unorthodox teaching) comes from the Bible. It stems from people teaching something that is just not true and using the Bible as their basis for their bad doctrine.

Know the Word. Enroll in the University of Jesus. Study the textbook daily. A test is coming. Will you be prepared? Will you pass? Is your name written in the roll book?


  1. Whoohoo! Preach it woman!
    Glad to have you back:O)

  2. Missed you…good to have you back! April

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