Thinking About Minutes

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I should keep lipstick in my drawer…

You might think that this is yet another post about the new year or time or how I/we spend my/our time.  You would be right and wrong.

Wrong because, you see, I have been busy typing up some minutes from a board meeting.

{The last time I took minutes for a meeting was when I was in 5th grade and served as the secretary of the student council.  I took that job seriously, folks!  My mother, also my language arts teacher, made sure I had the grasp of the how-to.}

That was a mere 38 years ago.  Why, it’s like riding a bike after a long absence…just minus the sore muscles and achy back.

Well, I am a bit rusty and as I’ve been typing them, I have fought the urge to type them up in a blog post format.  With blogging one is encouraged to incorporate a less formal style.  There is much freedom.  Those of you who appreciate correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling may find it difficult to read blogs (even mine?).  I kind of wish you were here with me coaching me on the finer points of drafting these minutes for the next UMW Executive Committee meeting because in blog format they could read as follows:

“After some time of fellowship and percolated coffee, the (fill in the name of committee of choice) was called to order.  The secretary for the new year, moi, was dressed in a cute outfit sporting a new notepad and pen for the occasion.  It’s a good thing she brought some paper and a pen because she did not realize that her duties began right away.  She assumed the current secretary would be present and jotting away.  After she regained her composure from being caught off guard that her …hmmmmm…expertise was needed asap, she made up for lost time and wrote like woman on a mission of the secretarial kind…not in far away lands leading the lost to Jesus (as she sometimes dreams of doing).  Only occasionally was she distracted by her neighbors’ comments, rabbit trails, and fashion sense(s).  She sat next to her long-time friend and they shared some reparte’ with the other members of the group as all introduced themselves and shared their various responsibilities for the year ahead.  After old business, new business, and prayer requests, the meeting adjourned.  Most lingered (as women do) around the coffee pot for one last sip and hug.”

See what I mean?

{Now, I find myself thinking about the Holy Spirit that dwells within.  What if he were the keeper of the order of events in my day, jotting down things I did, said, or planned?  I wonder if he would be frustrated when I would deviate from my train of thought during my quiet time in the morning.}

If so, his minutes might read something like this:

“Amy awoke this morning preparing her heart for a good quiet time.  However, she got distracted again by her laptop on the counter and stopped for ‘just a minute’ to check her email.  After I convicted her of wasting time, she grabbed some coffee and decided to check Facebook.  Finding that she had 4 friends waiting for her to respond in Words with Friends, she was off to the www.  Once she realized that an hour had gone by, she readied herself for the day in her walking clothes….while on her walk she prayed about how to better spend her time…”

Chuckling?  Is it because I wrote in a humorous fashion or perhaps, is it because this resonates with you? 

So, even though I was thinking about the written minutes from a meeting when I titled this post, I came back to the fact that sometimes, I just don’t spend my minutes very wisely.

Once again, my prayer is that of the Psalmist (90:12):  “Teach me to number my days that I may get a heart of wisdom.”

Pray that same prayer to God, too, if you struggle with distractions that cause you to miss out on those good minutes with God.
Opportunity for Response:
What is your weak spot that can easily distract you from spending time in the Word?  Take a minute and please share.


  1. So true, Amy – made me chuckle and be convicted all at the same time!
    Linda C.

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