Thoughts that Awaken Me in the Middle of the Night

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Hey everybody! So, I’m sound asleep last night when all of a sudden I awaken and am thinking about yesterday’s blog and what I posted about my QT regarding God’s calling for me and I am sad about it. Why? I feel that I must address something about it in a tender way.

Here goes. I wish you could pray for me as I type, but by the time you read this I’ll be through typing it because you’ll be reading the published post. Anyway…

I want to be clear that this is what God was speaking to me in my QT yesterday. Because He created each of us unique with different gifts, talents, etc. our individual callings will be as unique. If I were a working outside the home girl, then His calling for me would be even more involved and would include ministry at home, at work, and for the Church. I do not take being able to focus on my family and home for granted. It is a blessing and I am grateful for God’s provision to us through Rob’s job so I can be at home. For seven years after David was born, I sold “Amy’s angel biscuits”, made draperies and pillows, and taught sewing lessons at home to supplement the income and so I used that time to minister to little girls. Over the sewing machines, we’d talk about Jesus, church, how to deal with bullies, modest clothes, purity, etc. It was a sweet season. I can still see David bouncing in the doorway in his “Johnny Jump Up”. He was developing some serious let muscles. But, then the boys needed me more and Rob’s job was paying more so I could comfortably put that aside. I even contemplated going back to work as a schoolteacher and God brought offers my way from high schools in need of Family and Consumer Science (Home Ec) teachers and I would turn them down because I did not feel/hear God calling me in that direction at that time. Finally, because I had wondered for quite some time about teaching, He allowed me to substitute for Caroline Welch (precious friend, mentor, fabulous teacher, and member of our Bible study) and I enjoyed it but knew He was not calling me back into the classroom full-time.

That led to me committing to teach Bible study…my true passion and calling.

Another variant is season of life. And this is where I really want to be sensitive to my sweet sisters. Yesterday’s read for some may have been difficult because a husband has passed away and you are left with memories that are precious of a season gone by and of a man who completed you. Life is hard for you and your best friend is not here to help you, love you, support you. Others have had husbands who are no longer with them but still living due to divorce and your memories are painful and you wonder why that part of your life had to be so difficult. You wonder why it had to happen at all.

Another season is that you and your husband are going through retirement now and there are no children to cart around, you may be beginning to see your doctor more or you squeeze time in on your calendar to travel to the grandchildren if they live away from here. Again, another variant and you long for the days when children were home…maybe you would do things different or the same. I don’t know.

But, I do know that nothing in life is sure except my God! This season I’m in will change. I do not know what my future holds but I know the One who holds my future! Amen? That often-made statement is so true!

To summarize, God has made each one of us for His purpose. So, no matter the season you are in, my prayer for you is that you will seek your Maker’s face to determine what His calling is for you right where you are.

I love you all! Now, go do your homework. : )

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